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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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4 Five Years

Nearly five years passed by Bell was now 13 years old, with the help of the System's missions he kept growing stronger. Right now he was comparable to a Level 1 adventurer.


Name: Bell Cranel

Age: 13

Race: Human

Familia: None

Level: 0

STR: 3330 [33] EX

VIT: 3220 [31] EX

DEX: 3250 [31] EX

AGI: 3280 [31] EX

MAG: 3290 [32] EX

Developed Abilities: Luck (G), Cook (G), Spirit Healing (H), Swordsman (I), Magic Resistance (H), Blacksmith (H), Abnormal Resistance (I) [Abnormal Resistance, Cook]

Skill: Status Edit, No Limit, Liaris Freese [None]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop

System Points: 120.000


(The things in brackets '[ ]' are the status which others see i.e., Status Edit Skill and above SSS is XS while anything above that is EX)

He got many skills and developed skills as rewards from the system, he didn't spend the system points yet as he knew they would be very useful later on when he joins a Familia.

He went to the forest as usual, after killing the kobold he searched in the areas nearby and found places where monsters occasionally come out. For the next few years with fighting a good number of monsters, he was able to get a better fighting sense and experience.

Though the only thing lacking here was that there was no one with whom he could have a proper spar with. Fighting monsters is very different from fighting humans, but he knew that he could easily overcome that when he went to Orario.

With the magic stones he accumulated over the years though he could not be called wealthy, he could probably start a store and try to earn a living with that. Though he would decide later on what to do with the money he gets.

He was fighting with a group of kobolds, goblins, and a few other weak monsters in the forest right now. After finishing them off he went back home as he had lost interest in fighting them and stronger monsters don't appear anywhere near the village so it was a complete waste of time-fighting with them.

When he went back home he opened the Quest menu to see what the new Quests were,



1. Get Zeus to reveal himself

Reward – Elemental Magic (Magic), 5000 SP

2. Go to Orario

Reward – Map (System Function), 2500 SP

3. Join Hestia Familia

Reward – No Chant (Magic), 2500 SP


Seeing the quests he felt that only the first one would be tough while the second and third would be extremely easy. He started thinking how to get Zeus to reveal himself.

"Yo! Bell your back so soon, did you finish your training early today??"

"Hey grandpa you know, you never told me about my parents. Though I'm happy you raised me I would like to know who they were" he said so with the most serious face he could ever make.


Zeus just stayed quiet and didn't respond, Bell didn't push him as he was afraid that he would fail his quest.

"Haa…. Fine, I'll tell you and you are strong enough to handle yourself. I'm not your real grandfather, I am the god Zeus. Your parents were members of my familia and they were one of the strong ones who participated in the expedition against the Black Dragon. They died during the expedition, after which I was expelled from Orario and took you and came here"

Listening to Zeus, Bell pretended to have a shocked expression on his face.


Staying quiet for a while he didn't say anything when Zeus saw that he just closed his eyes and didn't say much.

[Ding… Quest Completed – Received Elemental Magic, 5000 SP]

"Sigh…. Why didn't you tell me anything??"

"I wanted to keep you from the truth at least until you were strong enough and I also treated you like my own grandson I didn't know how to tell you all this."

"I understand you did this all for my sake right, don't worry I won't blame you for anything. It was their own choice to go on that expedition, they would definitely be happy that you took care of me in their stead"

Listening to Bell, Zeus had tears on his face and hugged him



Neither of them said anything to each other and just stayed that way for a while.


The next day when Bell got ready and came down to prepare breakfast he saw Zeus sitting on his chair reading his book like usual, except this time there was a bag and a spare of clothes near the table.

When he turned facing Zeus he just gave a smile and said, "Bell I know that you've reached your limit in this small village"

Listening to Zeus he didn't say anything and just kept quiet,

"To grow stronger the best place for you to go to is Orario, I have spoken to one of the merchants of the village. He said that he has no problem taking you along with him"

After which Bell asked, "Grandpa is it fine. I mean wouldn't you feel lonely without me here?"

Nodding his head he looked at Bell and said, "You don't have to worry about me, you can come to visit me once in a year I have a friend Hermes there, he will help you keep in contact with me don't worry about that"

Listening to him Bell could only stay quiet, he had been together with him for nearly five years and to leave so suddenly he felt very sad. He just looked at him and left after packing his stuff. He didn't say anything as this was definitely not going to be their last meeting.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》