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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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7 Eina Tulle

The next morning Bell woke up as usual and saw that Hestia was still sleeping in the room, she was giggling in her sleep as he didn't know what she was dreaming he couldn't say anything.

After going out for his usual practice he ran around the block a few times and came back. He then did some push ups and pull ups in the church. After he came back he saw that Hestia was sobbing, worried about her he went to console her,

"Hey what happened? Why are you crying?"

When she heard his voice she stopped sobbing and turned her head to see that Bell was right there,

"Beeeeeelllllllll, where did you go? I was worried that you left me and went away"

Saying so she hugged him, felling two soft things pushing against him he slowly consoled her by saying that he won't go anywhere and just went out to do some training. When she heard that she stopped sobbing and went to wash her face.

After she was done she told him that they were going to the guild to report about his joining her Familia. He then saw that his shirt was a little sweaty so he just took it off and put on another shirt, when he noticed that Hestia was there too he felt a bit shy.

Hestia's face was deep red, she didn't have much interaction with the opposite gender hence even seeing a guy topless would cause her to blush a lot.

"Hestia, shall we go then"

"Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes L-L-Lets go"

Seeing her like this he could only give a sigh and lead the way. After they went to the guild they reported the forming of their Familia and got Bell registered as an adventurer. After that, since he was considered as a rookie as of yet he was assigned an adviser.

Hestia was not there after the registration as she had her part-time work to do and left Bell all alone, not that he cared though.

"This is your advisor, Eina Tulle"

"Hello, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Bell, my name is Eina Tulle and I will be your guild advisor from now on"

"Hello Mrs. Eina please just call me Bell as I'm not used to people calling me Mr and all"

"Then please call me Eina as well, Bell"

"Alright then, Eina"

When Eina first saw Bell, the first thoughts in her mind were how hot he was, the Bell right now was totally different from the one in the anime in terms of looks.

After the introductions, Eina told him more about the dungeon and which monsters are on what floors, this was useful information hence he noted it down. After that, she warned him to stay in the first few floors until he gets used to the dungeon and only proceed further when he becomes stronger.

He didn't pay much attention to her warning as he knew that his status would probably rival a Level 3 adventurer. But he would still act as a level 1 adventurer for a while. After listening to Eina he went into the dungeon and started to hunt at the first floor, after clearing most of the monsters here he then went into the second floor and did the same, he went until the fifth floor and then started to make his way back onto the first floor.

He got a lot of magic stones while moving through the floors. After he went back to the guild he saw Eina and waved at her who then waved back at him. On seeing Eina some of the other guild employees tried to look at she was waving to, on seeing Bell it was like an arrow was shot at their hearts.

Most of the guild employees displayed a lot of emotions on seeing him jealousy, hatred, envy, some even tried to seduce him but he escaped from them and went towards Eina.

When she saw her fellow guild members flocking around Bell she felt a little annoyed in her heart but she tried her best to not show it on her face.

"You're popular aren't you Bell"

"Please stop joking Eina, I've gotten a pretty good haul this time I'm going to cash it out please wait for me"

After he went to the counter and took out a medium-sized duffel and gave it at the counter, after some time the person behind the counter said,

"A total of 10.000 valis"

Saying so the same pouch was given back except this time it was filled with gold coins instead of magic stones. He took the bag and kept it back in his bag and went towards Eina.

She was standing near the counter and was waiting for Bell to finish his exchange, when she saw him coming back she was a little happy. He then came towards her and said

"Though it was only the first few floors I've gotten a pretty good haul, thank you Eina it would have been tough to get how much I got without your advice"

"I was just doing my job you don't have to thank me for that"

"Well still thank you anyways" saying so he left the guild.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》