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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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9 Meeting Syr

When he was out for his morning run he was passing by 'The Benevolent Mistress' he remembered that Syr and Ryu work here and decided to pass by here when he was going to the dungeon.

After he finished his training he went back to the church and saw Hestia still sleeping except that she would sometimes mutter his name and start giggling.

After he got ready with some cheap armor, he then kept his heavy sword on his back. After he was done getting ready he woke up Hestia and left towards the Dungeon.

While he was going,

"Um …. Excuse me"

When he saw towards the direction where someone was calling him he saw Syr calling towards him,

"Do you need something?"

"Did you perhaps drop this?"

Saying so she gave him a small magic stone. Seeing that he remembered that he had 'accidentally' dropped this on his way back.

"Ohh… I may have dropped this when I was running back. Thank You"


Suddenly his stomach started growling, though the main reason was that he didn't eat anything since yesterday in order to get lunch from her.

"Here you go"

Saying so she gave him a small lunch box while having a small bright smile on her face.

"I can't take that its probably your lunch right?"

"Its fine in return you can come by here for dinner"

He then thought for a while and accepted it saying he would come by later for dinner. Though he knew she would rip him off, later on, he didn't worry about that as he had enough cash to at least have some decent dinner.

He then went to the dungeon and started to hunt monsters, he went to the fifth floor as usual but then used the new function of the system, Map and got an exact detail of the Dungeon, the map told him the proper monster locations and the locations of the monsters which were going to spawn nearby.

The only way to describe what had happened next was a MASSACRE. Monsters which were yet to even open their eyes had been killed without knowing how they had died. Nearly the entire floor was wiped out without leaving a single monster behind.

On his way back to the first floor he even used the map to find the Jack Bird monster and killed it taking the sure-drop item Golden Egg and went back.

After he went back to the guild they were shocked to find that he had hunted so many monsters to fill two entire sacks. Even Eina who was his advisor was shocked, though she was his advisor doesn't mean that she knew everything about him.

After totaling it up he found out that he had earned nearly 100.000 valis

This was a lot of money for a rookie adventurer, when he then took out the Golden Egg there was only chaos in the guild. Even a few of the high leveled adventurers were surprised as they knew how hard it was to find a Jack Bird.

They told him that they would give the final price for the Golden Egg later on and gave him 1.000.000 valis as they advanced down payment.

After he chatted with Eina for a bit regarding the dungeon he went back to the church, he then took off his equipment and saw that Hestia had just come back from her work and was sitting on the sofa eating jagamarukun.

"Hestia can you update my status??"

"Sure thing, just lie down on the bed"

After he was on the bed she took a needle and poked it on the tip of her finger and put the drop of blood on his back which updated his status, though there was no need to do so as he had the system he couldn't tell Hestia about it hence he had to do this.


Name: Bell Cranel

Age: 14

Race: Human

Familia: Hestia

Level: 1

STR: 3532 [220] EX [G]

VIT: 3463 [209] EX [G]

DEX: 3474 [215] EX [G]

AGI: 3482 [212] EX [G]

MAG: 3491 [0] EX

Developed Abilities: Luck (G), Cook (G), Spirit Healing (H), Swordsman (G), Magic Resistance (H), Blacksmith (H), Abnormal Resistance (H) [Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Blacksmith, Luck]

Skill: Status Edit, No Limit, Liaris Freese [Liaris Freese]

Magic: Elemental Magic, No Chant [None]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map

System Points: 156.000

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》