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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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10 Date

When Hestia saw his status she was shocked, though she thought that this was due to his new skill Liaris Freese but she still couldn't believe the growth rate. This was basically a CHEAT.

Though she felt that it was probably due to that Aiz Wallen-what-stine she felt extremely jealous and started hitting his back, though he didn't feel much he still acted as if he got hurt.

Hestia then took cloak and went out without telling him anything, though he felt that the cloak was a bit short for her height which had considerably increased compared to before.

He then went to 'The Benevolent Mistress' restaurant due to his promise with Syr along with the box which he got from her in the morning. When he reached the restaurant he then saw Syr and the others serving the guests and the restaurant was very busy compared to the morning.

When Syr saw him she felt very happy and he also noticed that she had a blush on her face giving her a cute appearance, she then let him into the counter where she introduced him to Mia and went to the back-kitchen to cook personally for him.

Since he had nothing to do he just chatted with Mia about cooking and when she heard that he was also a cook she told him that their restaurant would hire him anytime if he was able to cook well.

After they spoke for a while, he noticed Syr coming towards him with a huge plate of pasta. He then put on a wry smile as didn't know what he was supposed to do with that much food and asked,

"Hey Syr, don't you think that this is a bit too much food?"

She then held her skirt and looked at him with puppy eyes and said, "But I made it with all MY LOVE, you'll definitely eat it right?"

When he heard those words he blushed a little and gulped his saliva, she looked too cute doing that he didn't say anything, ore and took a spoon and started gulping it down, by the time he was done he felt that it was seriously too much.

When Syr saw that he actually finished the whole thing she felt extremely happy in her heart, and also blushed a little. She then noticed that he was truly handsome, she then asked "Um…. Bell are you alright?"

"Don't worry if it's your handmade food then I will definitely eat it"

Just when he said that a group of people entered the restaurant the people who were in there were surprised at the ones who came and started muttering among themselves. They were the Loki Familia – Aiz, Riveria, Tiona, Tione, and the rest of them were the guys who came with them who he didn't give a shit about.

He then decided to go back before he heard Bete say anything more which pisses him off, he then paid the money to Syr and left as if in a hurry. Aiz noticed him leaving but she only caught a glimpse of him.

Right now he decided to go and see Hestia and ask her to go shopping since most of her clothes would have grown her out by now. He then went back to the church and saw Hestia sitting near a rock.

"Hey Hestia, where were you? I was searching for you all this while"

"Bell…. Hmph I don't care just go be with that Aiz Wallen-what-stine"

"I see and here I was thinking of bringing you on a date, well if you don't want it-"

"Let's go!!!!"

Without letting him finish his sentence she came next to him and held onto his hand tightly. He could see the effects of the pill which he gave her, right now she could easily compare to the height of a woman in her mid-twenties that with her huge rack she looked HOT.

He took her to a clothing store and bought a few clothes for her size, he didn't do so in the past few days as the pills effect was still active. But now that it finished showing its effects he could buy clothes for her without worrying her outgrowing them.

Then he also bought her some dresses for the party tomorrow, which were very expensive but he didn't care as he got sufficient cash from today's hunting.

Hestia was too busy enjoying her date to notice the bill hence she didn't care about it. They then went to a jewelry shop, though Hestia didn't hope for him to buy anything from there, she still followed him.

When she tried a few earrings and necklaces but she still checked the price for each but when she saw that the minimum price was at least 100.000 valis she just gave up.

After wearing them once and showing off to Bell she just kept them back. Though she regretted not being able to buy them she didn't show it on her face and just continued to enjoy her date. After that they left the store without buying anything.

The shopkeeper was a bit annoyed but she didn't show it on her face. After that, Bell told Hestia to wait near a food stall giving her some money and telling her to buy anything she liked he left saying he had to go to the bathroom.

After he left her he went back to the jewelry store and bought a few of the jewelry which he thought that Hestia liked. After he bought it he kept it in a bag and went back to the food stalls where he left Hestia.

When she saw Bell coming back she was extremely happy, after they had some food they went back to the church. Hestia was very happy today due to the date. When they were at the entrance of the church he gave her the jewelry and said that this was a gift to her.

When she saw the gift that he gave she almost fainted and told Bell that it was too expensive but he didn't give a damm about that and just went inside without caring for what she was telling him and went straight to bed.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》