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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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11 Party

The next day he went to the dungeon as usual and went to the 10th floor this time he met many monsters and also saw a few other adventurers. After killing a few monsters he felt that it was probably evening and went back to the entrance.

He then went to the Guild and exchanged all his magic stones for cash. He was then informed that he would be given the final amount for the Golden Egg tomorrow as the Ganesha Familia was going to auction the item today at an event which they were going to host.

He left the guild and then went back to the church and saw Hestia getting ready for a party, he then asked her to update his status before leaving. After she did so she was a bit annoyed at the rate at which he was growing, as she knew that he had feelings for Aiz.

"Hey Bell, what type of women do you prefer??"

When he heard that he was a little surprised but figured out that it must have been due to yesterdays date.

"Since I was little my grandfather always said that a true man must have a harem and he also that you should never differentiate between them weather small or bi-"

"IT'S FINE!!! J-J-Just pretend I didn't ask you anything"


"Listen, I'll be gone out for a few days due to work. Don't worry about me and take care of yourself"

"Alright, but where are you going??"

"Ganesha Familia organized a party for gods and I was invited after that I have some stuff to take care off. I was just going there so don't worry about me alright"

"I see. Alright take care then and also don't overwork yourself, and by the way, you look really beautiful today"



"I-I-I'll be going now then so see you later"

Saying so she just ran out of the church and went off towards Ganesha Familia.

After that, he went out to 'The Benevolent Mistress' today morning he passed by here as usual and saw Syr who gave him another lunch box saying that this was for lunch. He happily accepted and asked Mama Mia to let him borrow the kitchen tomorrow morning and he would make breakfast for all of them.

She thought for a while and accepted but on the condition that he cleaned the dishes the next day. Since he was not so busy he accepted and went off to the dungeon.

Right now Syr and the others were working as usual and when Syr saw Bell she was extremely happy and served him personally. After he was done with dinner he went back to buy some ingredients for tomorrows breakfast and met the god Miach on the way, he was also one of the poor gods with only a few members in his Familia hence he and Hestia got along.

He also gave two vials of potion to Bell before leaving.


Ganesha Familia

There were a lot of gods present in the party, Hestia was just gobbling down on all the food she was able to get and stored some of the food to take home later. When suddenly all the gods started to mutter among themselves, when she saw what was going on she saw Freya coming into the party and was also walking towards her.

"Oh my!! Hestia is that you I almost couldn't recognize you, how did you grow so tall?"

"Hello Freya, long time no see. I also don't know maybe it was due to coming down from heaven or something I guess and I also worked out a bit so maybe it must be due to that"

"... I see, well it's nice to finally see yo-"

"OOOOOOOyyyyyy, Hestia long time no see"

"Tch,….. Hello Loki long time no see"



"How did you grow tall?"

"I don't know, maybe it must be due to coming down from heaven or something I guess?"


"HAHAHAHA, Loki what's is up with that flat chest of yours??"

"Don't get too full of yourself you Loli-….. you Big boobs"

"Well thank you, but your still pitiful and haven't grown did you Loki-no-boobs?"


"My my, its seem that you two are getting along quite well aren't you?"

""We are not!!""

"Hey, Loki that Sword Princess is in your Familia right?"

"Yeah what of it?"

"Well I just wanted to know if she was seeing someone or something"

"Huh? She isn't and if some guy tries to go after her I'll kill that idiot"


After having a fight with Hestia, Loki left losing the fight and she was also in a bad mood as that loli had surprisingly grown up. This bad mood lasted for quite a while due to which the Loki Familia members weren't able to see her for an entire week. Finn and Riveria had to come and personally console Loki.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》