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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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12 Weapon

Hestia spotted Hephaestus and called out to her,

"Hey Hephaestus, how are you?"

"... Who?"

"It's me HESTIA"

"...….Seriously, is that you? Since when did you become so tall?"

"Since a few days back, I must have hit a growth sprout or something after coming to Orario anyways what's up"

"I'm fine but you've got a nice dress there along with some pretty jewelry."

"Oh my! That is true, that's pretty dress and jewelry you've got there it truly suits you"

"Thank you, Hephaestus and Freya Bell a member of my Familia bought it for me"

"Oh yeah I heard about it you've finally gotten someone to join your Familia right? If I'm not wrong his name was Bell Cranel a human with white hair and red eyes. I heard he's quite the lady-killer"

"Yes yes that's definitely him"

Hearing that there was a light in Freya's eyes which no one noticed, she left after that saying she had some work to do.

"So what did you want to meet me for? If you want to borrow money then forget about it then"

"How rude do I look like a person who treats their friends like walking piggy banks??"

"So why are you here then??"

"Well you see I want you to make a weapon for him"

"Huh, why do you want to ask me for that. You can go to one of my shops and buy it from there. Seeing that he bought you such a nice dress and jewelry he can probably afford a decent weapon"

"The thing is only you can make a weapon which can satisfy him. He just started but he's growing at an insane pace. He is extremely talented but despite being his goddess I can't do anything for him. If I can at least get him a weapon I would feel satisfied. So that's why please make a weapon for him"

"Forget about it and what's up with that pose of yours"

"This was apparently called seiza which is the perfect pose for begging and forgiveness one of the gods I know taught it to me before"

Her seiza continued on for two days before Hephaestus gave in,

(Time skip – 2 days)

"So what type of weapon does he use?"

"He said that he uses two different swords at the same time, when I tried to lift them it was extremely heavy"

"He actually uses a heavy sword!! How long has he been as an adventurer?"

"Only for a week or so"



"Fine tell me more about these swords then"

"He told me that he personally forged them and he also has the Blacksmithing skill, they were extremely different from each other one was white and the other was pitch-black"


"Wh-What happened?"

"Nothing, you said he had the Blacksmithing skill which rank was it at??"

"Well he recently received falna due to which it was very low and was only at G"


Hephaestus was shocked as she had never heard of anyone who had gotten to G rank in blacksmithing before receiving Flana. But even of those who did were in their 20's and had completely devoted their lives to blacksmithing.

"Hephaestus how many times are you going to do that?"

"It's not my fault that this kid of yours is such a monster"

"Well that's why I said that maybe only you would be able to make a weapon which would fit him"

"Well listening to all that I can't say anything else, but after he joined your Familia did he craft anything to increase his Blacksmithing skill??"

"Well he only crafted the two swords but he said he might have to get rid of them later on as he could only use them for the lower floors"

"Well leave it at that and tell him if he wants to forge anything he can come meet me. I'll provide him a forge at a price, I can't let a talent like his go to waste even though he's not from my Familia"

"Really!! Thanks, soo much Hephaestus"

"I'm not doing this for free though I'll have you pay me back down right to the last valis no matter how long it takes be it a few decades or a few centuries"

"I will definitely pay you back"

Taking a hammer she went to her forge to craft a weapon for Bell,

(Back to the day after the party)

These few days Bell hadn't opened his Quest menu so he decided to do so now but when he opened it he heard a few messages

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Notification (System Function)]

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Storage (System Function)]

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Space-Time Magic (Magic)]

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Mixing (Ability)]

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Sub-Quest (System Function)]

'Um…. System what's up with this since when did I complete any Quests??'

[Ding… You had already completed a few Quests unknowingly but as you did not have the notification function you were not informed of the events and you would only be notified when you open the Quests menu]

'Wait so does that mean I didn't do a few quests then??'

[Ding… Yes some Quests were not completed hence their rewards would be carried over to the Quests in the future]

'Well it's alright I guess since I wasn't even going to do any quests these days and only focus on the dungeon and other stuff'

'So what are the new Quests then?'



1. Get Hephaestus to forge a weapon for you

Reward – Hephaestus Blood, 100.000 SP

2. Attend Monsterphilia

Reward – Mystery (Ability), 5000 SP

3. Get Eina on a date

Reward – Heavenly Flame, 5000 SP

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》