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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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13 Breakfas

After he saw the Quests he was surprised as the first Quest would be completed in a few more days and as for the other two Quests it was much simpler than the first and followed the same format as the previous Quests.

He then saw the reward for the last Quest and was surprised when he asked,

"Hey, system what the hell is this reward for the last Quest??"

[Ding… The Heavenly flame is a divine flame which comes from the heavens itself and has a lot of supportive uses for attacking, forging and also while making pills. It can also be used during cooking along with your cook skill]

"But won't others ask me how I got a flame from the Heavens?"

[Ding… Even in the lower worlds flames such as this can be found though they are rare you can make up the excuse of having a lucky encounter outside of Orario]

"Well this is a pain in the ass, but I'll try to avoid using this flame in front of others though and I also have to go and make breakfast for Syr and the others today…. Sigh"

Saying so he took the ingredients he bought yesterday and went to the restaurant. He kept his dungeon Equipment in the Systems storage as he was planning on going there to test out his new skills and magic and to practice his other magic too.

When he was thinking about different ways to get in contact with the other familia's for his future plans he reached the restaurant.

"Hey Syr, how are you today?"

"Bell!! I'm fine but why are you here?"

"Nothing much can you go and tell Mama Mia that I came here for the thing we discussed yesterday"



"So kid, I hope you're able to cook as good as you say you are"

"You overestimate me, I'm not that great you know"

"Well, we'll see about that"

Saying so she led him to the kitchen. The other staff members were still sleeping apart from Syr and Ryuu. The dishes he was going to make today were burger, fries, and coke.

The above menu was a simple meal at Mc Donalds, which was simple to prepare except for the coke but with his cooking skill he thought that should not be a problem and tried to make it.

He also planned to increase the proficiency of his cooking skill this way.

He was able to finish the first two dishes easily and went on to make the coke, for this he used a bit of magic as he knew that it would be impossible to get any sort of machinery to make coke.

With the help of his Elemental Magic – Wind, he was able to make it easier.

After he was done he then served it to them, he made enough for all the staff members who were awake by now due to the nice fragrance coming from the kitchen. When Ryuu and Syr saw that he was cooking they were surprised as they didn't expect him to also be able to cook.

As for the other members who woke up later were even more shocked at the handsome guy cooking in their kitchen. Along with the nice fragrance they were all standing near the door waiting for the dish he was going to make.

After he was done cooking he went and served it to them and took a plate for himself. He made some ice cubes and put it in the coke.

When they saw the dishes served they were drooling with their mouths open. One of the staff members Anya asked, "Can we eat it??"

"I made it as a thank you for Syr who makes lunch for me every day so please don't hesitate and eat."

"Fufufu…. Syr it looks like you've found quite a lover"

"A-A-Anya don't say it out so loudly. He might hate me if you say stuff like that"

Though they were in the next room he could still hear them but he didn't let them know about it.

When they started to eat they only had one word in their mind DELICIOUS. After they drank some coke they mistook it for alcohol but he managed to convince them that it was a special drink which he had invented and was non-alcoholic. After they drank some of it they were surprised that it was actually somewhat sweet.

Finishing their breakfast Bell went to do the dishes as he had promised. There was still some leftover Burgers and fries which he took some and gave the rest to Syr saying she could give it to any of her friends. He also told them that the drink would be spoilt easily if left outside and they had to either drink it fast or store it someplace cold and left after saying that.

After that, he went to the dungeon to practice his Magic. He directly went to the seventh floor and started to use his magic in a secluded area. He also told the system to notify him if anyone comes near 500 meters of him.

After that he tried out all types of spells, he tried out each element's basic, intermediate and advanced magic.


In some part of the dungeon different types of magic's could be seen fired at the monsters which were being spawned. Fire, water lightning, ice, wind, and earth along with a few other types could be seen. After he was done, the area surrounding him was completely destroyed and was slowly being regenerated by the dungeon.

After he was done practicing with them he finally decided to use Space-Time magic.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》