Bell With The DanMachi System
15 Monsterphilia
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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15 Monsterphilia

Today was the day Monsterphilia took place as he was going to the arena, he had passed by 'The Benevolent Mistress' where he heard Anya calling him, she was one of the waitresses in the bar and had brown hair with cat ears.

"Hey there-nyan"

"Hi, how's today's business?"

"You're an idiot-nyan we still haven't opened the restaurant-nyan"

"I see, well did you want something then??"

"You see-nyan that idiot Syr had forgotten her wallet-nyan can you give it to her-nyan"

"I still don't understand, where is Syr right now though?"

Then from the back, Ryuu came out and rebuked Anya,

"Anya Mr. Bell wouldn't understand if you say it like that. Mr. Bell Syr has taken a leave from her shift and went to Monsterphilia but forgot her wallet can you go and give it to her?"

"Sure I was going there myself and you don't need to use honorific's every time and can call me Bell like the others do"

"I-I see, then B-Bell can you go and give the wallet to Syr?"

"Sure no problem Ryuu"

After he said her name she blushed and ran back into the restaurant,

"You sure do have skills-nyan"

"I don't know what you mean" saying that he left toward the arena and find Syr.

Right now when he was going he received a notification,

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Hephaestus Blood, 10.000 SP]

[Ding… Sub-Quest activated – Give Syr her wallet]

He realized that the Main quest was the one which included getting a weapon forged from Hephaestus and the subquest was probably triggered due to Anya asking him to give Syr's wallet back.

Thinking so he went to Monsterphilia.

When he had arrived near the arena he saw a lot of stalls set up selling various item, he thought maybe he should set up his own stall next year and sell his food from Earth.

He then opened his map and tried to search for Syr, his Map had an additional function to mark allies. Currently, he saw Syr and Hestia's markers nearby.

He first went towards Syr and tried to meet up with her first.

He arrived near a stall which was selling cream puffs and saw Syr anxiously looking everywhere. He realized that she was anxious as she had no money right now and lost her wallet.

He went up behind her and whispered near her ear, "Did you lose anything, Miss?"


"Hahaha, don't worry it's just me"

"Haa…. Please don't scare me like that Bell"

"Sorry but you looked so cute when you screamed like that and I couldn't resist doing that"


"Oh I forgot Anya told me to give this to you"

"My Wallet!! Thank you Bell I was extremely worried that I had lost it and had to go back"

"It's alright you don't have to thank me for such a small thing instead I should be the one to thank you for making lunch for me every day"

[Ding… Sub-Quest Completed – Received Shop Minor Upgrade (System Function)]

[Ding… Quest Completed – Received Mystery (Ability), 5000 SP]

"Well how about I buy you some cream puffs then??"

"Well I guess I am hungry so I won't decline your offer"

After which she went to the stall and bought two cream puffs. After which they walked around the stalls enjoying the festival. He used this chance to flirt with her a bit due to which she was blushing till her neck.

While they were walking around he saw Hestia coming in their direction, though he had no problem with that.


Calling him loudly she ran and hugged him, He noticed that she was carrying a huge sack on her back, he understood that this was the weapon Hephaestus made for him. But he still didn't know why it was so big as it was the Hestia Knife which she had made in the actual story and was the size of a kitchen Knife.

But the sack on Hestia's back was almost 1.8 – 2 meters tall.

"Hestia what are you doing here did you finish your work??"

"Yes, I di-"

"H-Hey Bell who is this??" Syr had the expression of her wife whose husband was cheating on her

"Oh sorry for not introducing you two, Hestia this is Syr a waitress from the restaurant I frequently go to and Syr this is Goddess Hestia whose Familia I am in"

Listening to that Syr was relieved and let out a sigh, but Hestia who noticed Syr had a dark expression.

"Hello Syr I'm Goddess Hestia I'm BELL's GODDESS"

"H-Hello Goddess Hestia it's nice to meet you I'm Syr"

Seeing that he could only let out a sigh and pretend to have not seen that and said, "Do you want to come along with us to the festival Hestia??"


"Fine then. So where should we go? Hestia is there any place you want to go to right now?"

"The Food stalls"

"We also haven't gone to all the food stall' s so how about we visit them once?"


"W-Why are there monsters here? D-Did they escape from the Dungeon??"

"I-I remember those monsters!! They were the same monsters Ganesha Familia caught for the Monsterphilia"

"R-Run away!!!"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》