Bell With The DanMachi System
17 Syr“s Feelings
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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17 Syr“s Feelings

He opened his Map and located the monster, by now with the commotion of the monster a lot of people went inside their homes afraid of it but they were still peeking from their windows and trying to see if it had left their area or not.

He went near the monster and shouted,



He then ran to a more open area and tried to lure it. Right now the ape was completely pissed at him. Though it was a monster and had a very low intelligence it still had some instinctual tendencies.

He led it to a more open area he then took out the two swords from their scabbards and got ready to kill it. If he wanted to kill this type of monster he could easily do it with a single slash but he had to put up a show for the people looking at him and also to impress Syr and Hestia.

He also figured out that Freya was also looking at him from a building he didn't bother about it. When the monster showed up almost a few meters from him he jumped straight onto it and slashed his swords at its shoulders which left a huge wound on it.

He then slashed once again on its back which had a restraint which wrapped around its neck. It then gained some freedom which allowed it to move easier.

The ape then swung its arms which had chains bound to it and were almost about to hit him. But just before that happened he threw one of the swords in the air and held the chains swinging along with it straight up in the air. When he was high in the air he was positioned right next to the sword he threw. In that high altitude, he caught the sword and fell straight onto the Ape monsters head. He held both his swords and swung it down straight at its head.

With that momentum the Silverback (Note - The Ape Monster) could not avoid it and only wait for its death, the sword pierced the head of the Silverback and continued till the ground. It then turned into ashes leaving behind a magic stone on the ground.

[Ding… Quest Completed – Received Scan Minor Upgrade (System Function)]

He then kept back the swords onto his back in a cool manner

""Bell are you alright?""

Both Hestia and Syr asked at the same time which surprised him a bit. He replied, "Y-Yeah I'm fine"


Just when they came near Bell they noticed that people had come out of their homes now that the monster was killed. They were cheering and praising him for killing that monster and saving them. At the same time from an alleyway in the corner, Aiz was seeing the whole fight and was surprised as this was the same person who she had saved on the fifth floor.

Though she wanted to talk to him and apologize she felt that this was not the right time to do so and was standing there looking at him. Just them Loki came behind her and was about to grope her butt but before she could do so Aiz just turned back and left.

Freya was standing on top of a building and observing the whole thing she then said, "Well Hestia that was not a nice thing to do but I'll let it slide this time" after which she just disappeared from there.

Hestia then came towards him and said, "You did well Bel-" but before she could finish her sentence she fainted. He understood that this was probably due to her staying with Hephaestus who made his weapon hence he just lifted her up in his arms with a princess carry and turned to Syr asking her if he could borrow a room for a while.

She didn't hesitate and agreed with him, after they went to The Benevolent Mistress she took him to a room and asked him to let her rest there. After leaving her there he went out and saw that Syr was standing right outside waiting for him.

"Thank you for lending a room here"

"Please don't mention it, its partly my fault since you came there just to return my wallet. If not this wouldn't have happened"

"That's not true at all and please don't blame yourself"

"But when I saw you fighting that monster... I fell in love with you"


"....." She wanted to say that she was just joking but she couldn't deny that she actually had feelings for him. Hence, she just kept quiet and looked down to the ground not daring to meet his eyes.

"I love you too Syr"

When she heard that she was shocked and her already blushing face went even red. She wanted to run away but before she could do so Bell pulled her into his embrace and hugged her.

They both stayed like this for a while before he left her and asked her to take care of Hestia for a while and went out. Hestia who was sleeping heard all that and just let out a sigh. She knew that one of Bell's goal was to make a harem hence she couldn't say anything.

Syr went inside and saw that Hestia had woken up, she was still blushing and also guessed that Hestia would have definitely heard everything so she just stood there and asked in a low voice "Are you alright with that?"

Hestia then turned towards her and said "When I asked him why he came to Orario he told me that he wanted to get stronger and at the same time he wants to make a harem"


Syr who heard that was shocked as she didn't expect that he would actually have such a goal. Thinking about it she only laughed a little and thought it was actually a goal which suited him. She felt that he was like a light and she definitely could not have him for herself.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》