Bell With The DanMachi System
18 Sun and Moon
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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18 Sun and Moon

He went down to get some food for Hestia, Syr and himself as none of them had eaten anything after the monster attack in the afternoon. He bought some soup form the restaurant and also thanked Mama Mia for letting Hestia rest here.

Though she didn't mind if he felt like he had to at least thank her. When he went back up he found Syr and Hestia talking he felt relieved that she finally woke up. When he went into the room his eyes met up with Syr's and he gave a smile.

Seeing him she blushed a little and said, "W-Well I have some work to do so I'll see you later" after which she left.

"Hestia, how are you feeling right now?"

"I'm fine, I feel much better now that you are here"

"Here I bought you some soup to drink"

"Oh!! Thank you"

After finishing the soup he asked her, "Hestia what, was that weapon that you gave me? After I killed the monster I saw that it was a Hephaestus Familia weapon and a top one at that. It would definitely be worth a lot right?"

"You don't have to worry about that. I've already taken care of the payment"


Seeing that she still didn't want to admit it he just kept quiet and decided to pay back the Hephaestus Familia once he earns enough.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You have the Blacksmithing skill right?"

"Though I have it I've rarely used it. I use it to mostly make a few weapons for myself or for their maintenance and repair"

"Hephaestus had told me that you can use their Familia forge if you decide to develop the skill. Though you have to pay for the amount of time you use the forge it would definitely be worth it."

"…..I was thinking of renting a building in the city for a forge but with this most of my problems would be solved. So then who should I talk to?"

"You just have to talk to Hephaestus once and discuss the details"

"Well did she tell you anything about these swords??"

"These swords are called Black Moon and White Sun according to their colors. She told me that it is a weapon which grows along with its user and has a few other abilities but you won't be able to use them unless you increase your blacksmithing abilities rank"

"…..So basically the main thing is that the weapon would be as strong as much as its owner right?"

"Exactly and only the first person who used it would be able to activate this ability and in the hands of others it's just a lump of metal"

"I see….. This is surely a nice weapon and I like it. Thanks, Hestia"

"You're welcome"

Looking at the swords he activated his scan function


Black Moon

Skill: Growth, User Bound, Absorb, ????(Unlock -Blacksmith rank: D), ???? (Unlock - ???)


White Sun

Skill: Growth, User Bound, Transfer, ????(Unlock -Blacksmith rank: D), ???? (Unlock - ???)


Seeing two unknown skills he focused on them and used his scan function again,


Absorb: Can steal the magic of the opponent with each successful hit and stores it within itself. This stored magic can be used to restore one's own magic or paired with the White Suns Transfer ability.

Transfer: Can restore the magic of the target within a certain range (depends on users magic) with the users own magic. This ability can be paired with the Black Moons Absorb ability.


When he saw the skill description he was shocked as there was no such thing as stealing the opponents magic to restore his own. This change was definitely influenced by him, as the unlocking condition depended on him and along with the growth ability, this completely makes sense.

'Hey system, did my presence influence the swords skill?'

[Ding… Host is correct as the growth skill depended on you for its function it had been influenced by the system and developed these skills. That is not all, these skills have a few hidden functions and need to be discovered by the host himself]

"Hidden Functions??"

"Hm... What's wrong Bell?"

Realizing that he had spoken out loud what was in his mind Bell felt a little awkward and said "Nothing I was just thinking about this sword that's all"

"Oh, I see. By the way, do you want to upgrade your Status since you defeated the Silverback?"

"Is that fine with you? I mean are you alright?"

"No Problem. I am totally fine"

"Alright then"


Name: Bell Cranel

Age: 14

Race: Human

Familia: Hestia

Level: 1

STR: 3924 [632] EX [D]

VIT: 3894 [626] EX [D]

DEX: 3885 [593] EX [E]

AGI: 3904 [625] EX [D]

MAG: 3940 [0] EX

Developed Abilities: Luck (G), Cook (F), Spirit Healing (F), Swordsman (G), Magic Resistance (H), Blacksmith (G), Abnormal Resistance (G), Mixing(I) [Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Luck, Blacksmith]

Skill: Status Edit, No Limit, Liaris Freese, No Chant [Liaris Freese]

Magic: Elemental Magic, Space-Time Magic [None]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map, Notification, Storage, Sub-Quests

System Points: 89.000

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》