Bell With The DanMachi System
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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Seeing his status even Hestia was shocked when she was upgrading it during the silverback (Note - Ape monster in case someone forgot) incident she wasn't able to properly see how much his status increased so when she saw it now she was completely surprised.

It was a jump in almost two ranks, he was bordering around some of the stats so it could be said that it was an increase by three ranks. When she was done she felt a little jealous as it was probably due to Aiz and Syr that it had increased with the help of the Liaris Freese skill.


Next day morning,

He decided to first go to the guild and tell Eina about his status increase, this way he can get an excuse and take her out on a date to buy some armour. He wanted to first go to Hephaestus due to her invitation but decided that it would be better if he got the Heavenly Flame first and then go to her.

He did this because there might be a chance that Hephaestus might be able to sense the Heavenly flame since she was originally a Blacksmith from heaven. If he went to meet her now and then get the Heavenly Flames he won't be able to use the excuse of having a 'lucky encounter' outside of Orario.

After he went to the dungeon he only practiced his Space-Time Magic with which he was able to increase his control by a small margin. Though it was small he was still satisfied with this as this was a magic which originally should not exist in this plane.

If he is able to increase the control over his magic he would be able to use long-range teleportation which can be very useful. After that he went to the seventh floor and killed a few monsters and got some magic stones.

He was feeling a little dizzy due to the excessive use of magic during his practice as using Space-Time Magic with his level is still very tough. Though his stats are comparable to a level 3, there exists a type of barrier between each level, only by breaking this barrier and gaining the power beyond it can he get better. This type of power is not attainable just by increasing his stats.

It is said that with higher levels one is able to reach a state closer to god, it is similar to that type of power. Though more than power it should be called authority.

Only by gaining a higher authority can he use his magic easily so as of right now it can only be compensated by a large amount of mana.

After he finished killing a few monsters did he leave the dungeon. When he went out he saw that there was still some time until evening but he didn't care for that and went straight to the guild.

After exchanging the magic stones for cash he went straight to Eina's counter. When she saw him coming towards her she gave a small smile towards him.

"Hey Eina, anything new today?"

"Hey Bell, nothing much just the same old-same old. What about you did you want something ?"

"Yes I've decided to start hunting in the seventh floor from now so I want you to give me details of the monsters in that floor and the layout of that floor"


"Are you crazy?? Just a few days ago you were killed by a Minotaur in the fifth floor and now you want to go to the seventh floor ?If something happens to you what am I supposed to d-….. supposed to tell your goddess?"

"But after that incident I've grown stringer and a few of my stats also ranked up to D's"

"D's!!! I don't believe you it's only been a few weeks and you're saying that a few of your stats have gone up to D??"

"It's not my fault that you don't believe me. If you want you can check my status yourself"

After checking his status, she was shocked as he was actually telling the truth. Only his dexterity was at the E rank but even that was bordering around the D rank and his magic was the only thing which had not developed yet but that was understandable as he was still a level 1 and only a few weeks at that.

"If it's like this then I have to allow you but….."

She looked at his armour and equipment realizing that they were the cheap set and wouldn't last him more than the first few floors.

"Bell, are you free tomorrow?"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》