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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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20 Date Eina

"Bell are you free tomorrow?"

Listening to those words he was sure that he could complete his quest which was to take Eina out on a date.


In one of the workshops of Hephaestus,

Hestia and Hephaestus could be seen there, but Hestia was wearing a pink maid like costume which was the worker uniform in one of the Hephaestus Familia's shops.

"Pfft-... That dress really suits you"

"Don't laugh!!"

"Sorry, but you look so funny in that dress. Though you have somehow managed to gain some height you still look funny in that dress"

"Hmph…. If not for owing you so much cash I definitely wouldn't have agreed to this"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot but what happened to that kid in your Familia. I've actually only heard about him and all the girls in my guild want me to invite you and your Familia since they know that he is from your Familia."

"We definitely won't come!!! But aside from that, he told me that he will meet you a few days later since he is a little busy with something"

"I see, well tell him that he can come anytime and he just needs to mention his name to meet me"

"Sure I'll tell him once he's free"


Next day

Right now Bell was currently waiting at the place where Eina told him to meet since he had nothing to do he just checked his status once,


Name: Bell Cranel

Age: 14

Race: Human

Familia: Hestia

Level: 1

STR: 3924 [632] EX [D]

VIT: 3894 [626] EX [D]

DEX: 3885 [593] EX [E]

AGI: 3904 [625] EX [D]

MAG: 3940 [0] EX

Developed Abilities: Luck (G), Cook (F), Spirit Healing (G), Swordsman (G), Magic Resistance (H), Blacksmith (G), Abnormal Resistance (G), Mixing(I) [Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Luck, Blacksmith]

Skill: Status Edit, No Limit, Liaris Freese, No Chant [Liaris Freese]

Magic: Elemental Magic, Space-Time Magic [None]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map, Notification, Storage, Sub-Quests

System Points: 95.000


He could see that there was not much improvement since he didn't fight much recently, He then remembered that he got minor upgrades in a few of the system functions,

'Hey, system, what were the minor upgrades in the scan and shop function??'

[Ding… The main change in the scan is the upgrading condition ability which is now shown for the unknown abilities in your equipment which was not previously not shown. Though there might be some conditions which are not shown yet that would mainly be due to you not having authority over that piece of information as of yet.]

[Ding… The main change in store is the new Food and Ingredients section which has all the ingredients from this world along with a few ingredients from your Original world]

When he heard that he was extremely happy since now he could make more dishes with that and improve his cooking skill.

He opened the store and saw the various ingredients which he could but, the prices ranged from a few hundred points to some of them having nearly ten thousand points. Though those ingredients were even costly in his original world so he felt that it was actually reasonable.

While he was thinking about the dishes he was going to make with them he was interrupted by Eina's voice

"Hey, Bell!"

Snapping out of his daze he turned towards the voice,

"Ah! Hey Eina"

She had a white top and red skirt and didn't wear her glasses this gave her a youthful look compared to her usual mature look in the guild uniform with glasses.

"You look really beautiful today. Your dress is really nice too"

"R-Really you think so?"

"Yup, you look much younger today too with this dress"

"T-Thank you, s-so shall we go then?"

"Sure let's go"

After that, they went towards the Babel tower.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》