Bell With The DanMachi System
21 Caught in the Ac
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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21 Caught in the Ac

Right now Bell and Eina were inside Babel tower to buy some new equipment for him,

"I didn't know that there were stores inside Babel too"

"We're here to look at a few Hephaestus Familia stores, I know that the usual stores are extremely pricey and you still can't afford it yet but there are some stores which are used by new blacksmiths to promote their work and who sell cheap equipment"

"I see…. I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't told me"

"I am your advisor after all"

"Well thank you then"

Saying so they went ahead, when they were going through a shop he suddenly stopped and looked at one of the weapons in the display case, it had a price of Thirty million valis.

"Thirty million valis!!"

"Welco-….." Suddenly Hestia came out from the store in her uniform.

""Bell (Hestia)""

Both of them said at the same time, with his map he could easily identify which store she was currently staying at so he purposefully stopped here and started to window shop.

"What are you doing here Bell?... and you who are you half-elf??" turning towards Eina she asked her.

"Hello, it's nice to finally meet you my name is Eina Tulle. I am Bell Cranel's dungeon hunting advisor"


She went towards Eina and went near her ear (which was now possible due to the new height) and whispered,

"I hope you're not using your position to seduce Bell, are you?"


If this was the usual Eina she would have said that she wouldn't do such a thing but right now she couldn't deny that she liked Bell.

Seeing her silent Bell cut in and said, "We were on a date and she was helping me buy some equipment along with that. Since we were running a bit late we'll talk to you later Hestia??"

"Kukhh..... A date huh?"


"I-I see then I hope I'm not disturbing you two then"

After which she just went back with an annoyed look on her face and was also muttering something by herself.

Eina who was also listening to the conversation was blushing deep red and was looking at the ground and was holding the edges of her shirt like a girl in love. But she had a happy expression despite that.

"So should we get going Eina?"

"S-Sure, l-l-let's go"

After they went into the lift Bell started a conversation to break the mood, "Umm…. We would probably look around for a little while before we finish buying so do you want to go out after that?"

"G-Go o-o-out? Y-You mean like a date!!!"

"Hmm….. well if you don't wasn't to then it fin-"

"I'm fine with that!!!"

After that they went into an alleyway looking like an area where a lot of blacksmiths were displaying their works, there were a few adventurers buying weapons, armors and different types of equipment.

Eina and Bell went into one of the shops where they were selling armors as their main product. He told Eina that he would be looking around and left her. She also started to look for different types of armors so that she could give him some advice on what to buy.

"Well let's see it should be somewhat around here... Ah!! Found it!!!"

He took a box with an entire set of light armor in it, this was the same light armor which was made by Welf Crozzo. Though he was sure that he could make better equipment than him in the near future, it wouldn't hurt to befriend him and also at the present he really couldn't make a proper armor with his abilities.

"There you are Bell!"

"Eina I've decided to buy this armor"

"Well are you sure you want a light armor, though it doesn't restrict your movement, it can't really give you much defense either"

"It's fine. I think this armor would be perfect for me"

"Well… if you say so I guess. By the way, are you going to the dungeon tomorrow?"


"I hope you form a party with someone. At least hire a supporter will you?"

"Hmm…. I'll surely give it some thought then"

"And….. you wanted to go on a date right??"

"If you're busy then we can try going some other time-"

"Now is fine!!!!"

"Alright then. Let's go"

After paying for the armor he took her to a restaurant for lunch after which they went around the town for some sightseeing. During that time he was flirting with Eina a little which made her face blush in embarrassment. He bought her earrings for her date as a gift.

It was nearly evening when they came back to the place where they met in the morning.

"Bell here…." Saying so she gave him an arm guard.

"This is??"

"It's for you….you know that a lot of adventurers lose their lives in the dungeon right?? I hope that you won't go away like that so….."

"..... Thank you"

[Ding… Quest completed – Received Heavenly Flame, Hestia Knife (Equipment),5000 SP]

After saying so much her face was deep red and she wanted to run away due to her embarrassment but she just stood there looking at the ground with a red face.

He took this chance and hugged her and whispered into her ears,

"I hope that you also don't go away from me…. Eina I like you"

Hearing that she didn't know how to respond and was feeling extremely happy in her heart,



"I-I-I Like you too!!!"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》