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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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22 Nii-sama

After that Eina accepted to be his girlfriend and he was going back towards the church when he remembered the rewards he got from the Quest, he got an extra reward which was the Hestia knife.

Though he didn't need this since he had the Sun and Moon sword he kept it just in case for an emergency since he couldn't always carry them around.

He took it out of the inventory and attached it to his belt. He remembered that it was around the same time that Lily was going to make an entrance. Though he wasn't a lolicon he felt sad for her, since she was always bullied by her Familia and had lost her parents when she was a small kid.

He only wanted to save her and be a pillar of support for her, he didn't want to include her into his future harem. Hence he decided to go with the brother type approach.

When he was walking in an alleyway, he felt someone running into his back. This was Lily just like in the anime she was a prum with brown hair.

He then saw an adventurer running towards her with his sword and just when he was about to slash it down on her, Bell reacted and blocked the sword with his knife. When the two clashed Lily who had fallen down looked back at the knife which Bell was holding.

When she saw that a slight glint passed through her eyes.

"Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you saving her??"

"Do I need a reason to save someone who was chasing after a small girl with a sword in his hand??"

Just then "Stop it" Ryuu appeared from the other side of the alleyway

"You shouldn't be using your swords in the middle of the city"

"Huh? Who the fuck are you??" The adventurer said in a mocking tone.

With a loud voice along with some anger behind it, Ryuu suddenly said, "Silence"

"If possible I don't want to fight because I always end up going too far"

"Tch… Damn it"

After that threat, the adventurer left leaving behind Bell and Ryuu.

"Thank you, Ryuu"

"No, it was nothing. If anything happened to you I-…Syr would be very sad" when she almost said that she would have been sad if anything had happened to him he felt a little happy that Ryuu was having feelings towards him. But he understood that she was suppressing these feelings due to Syr.

"Anyhow are you alright little gir-"

When he turned back he saw that there was no one there. "She must have run away due to being afraid"

"Bell I hope you take care of yourself"

"Thank you for worrying about me"

"Well then I'll be on my way"

"Sure, see you"

After that, he went back to the church and saw that Hestia was sleeping peacefully in the bed. He understood that this was probably due to her working two part-time jobs since she now owes Hephaestus money for the swords.

He decided to meet Lily tomorrow and meet Hephaestus regarding the forge the day after. He then went to bed and fell straight asleep.


The next day after he woke up and finished his daily routine he then got ready with his new equipment to go to the dungeon. He equipped his knife in the side of his utility belt along with his heavy swords at the back.

He then left towards the dungeon. Right, when he was going towards it he felt someone calling him,

"Mr. Adventurer, Mr. Adventurer"

When he turned back he saw a short kid with an unusually large bag for her size and with a white cloak standing behind him and was calling him.


"Yes, would you like a supporter for the dungeon??"

"I see, you're a supporter huh. But were you alright after yesterday's incident??"

"Yesterday's incident??"

"Your that prum girl who was being chased by that adventurer right?"

"I don't understand what you mean, Lily is a clienthrope not a prum"

She then took off her hood and showed him her cat ears, he then tried to pinch the ears which made Lily wriggle a little.

"Ah.. sorry about that"

"No its fine but you have to take responsibility for that"

"R-Responsibility!! Fine I'll hire you as a supporter for today consider us equal with that"

"Well then thank you for that. My name is Liliruca Arde nice to meet you"

"My name is Bell Cranel you can call me Nii-san or Bell-nii (Note – the Japanese equivalent of brother). Nice to meet you too"

"… I'll call you Nii-sama (Note – Brother in a more respectful way) then"

"Shall we go then??"

"Alright… Nii-sama"

After they entered the dungeon they went straight to the seventh floor, Lily was impressed at his abilities as he was able to easily kill those monsters. In the seventh floor, his rate of hunting monsters increased by a huge margin.

This was mainly due to Lily since now he didn't need to collect all the monster cores that he had hunted since, Lily would take care of that.

He mainly used his knife since he wanted to test its actual abilities and also to show its strength to Lily so that she would steal it from him. The abilities are a little lesser than his Heavy sword even though they both contain the same effect.

This must have been due to himself, he decided that when he frees Lily from the Soma Familia and lets her join Hestia's he would gift the knife to her. So he just kept them back and walked towards Lily who was collecting the monster stones.

The last monster he killed was stuck in the dungeon wall and it would be difficult to get its core since Lily was not tall enough to reach it.

"Nii-sama can you get the magic stone from that??"

Saying so she handed her knife to him, "No problem"

After cutting its magic stone he gave her the knife back. They decided to call it a day and go back. On the way back she asked him about his weapon and he replied that he got it from a friend.

He couldn't say that he got it from the system so he made up a lie.

"Which Familia are you from Lily??"

"I'm from the Soma Familia what about you Nii-sama??"

"I'm from the Hestia Familia, though currently, I'm the only member I hope to make it the strongest Familia in the future"

"Heee…. That's a nice goal"

"Thank you"

When they were near the entrance he noticed that she had stolen his knife but he didn't say anything about that as of yet. He understood that Lily had hated adventurers hence she only saw him as a target and nothing more. This was the main reason he asked her to call him Nii-sama.

"Alright then Lily I'll see you later"

"Thank you for hiring me today Nii-sama"

After she exchanged the stones and split the loot they went their own directions.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》