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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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23 Lost Knife

After parting with Lily he went towards the Guild to talk to his new girlfriend and to also inform her that he got a supporter.

"Hey Eina"


"I came to tell you that I hired a supporter today. Her name was Liliruca Arde, she's from the Soma Familia and a prum"

"A supporter from the Soma Familia, huh?"

"Yeah she's a nice kid and calls me Nii-sama I got a pretty good haul today due to her help"

"I see that's good then"

Though she was his girlfriend she tried to maintain her work different from her personal life as much as possible. She was a little jealous that the supporter was a girl but she was relieved that she was like a little sister to him.

"Well I'll see you later then"

After that he then used his map function and scanned for Lily's location, he had put a marker on her today when they were in the dungeon.


In a small shop in a secluded alleyway,

A gnome spirit could be seen who was holding a knife in his hand, this was the same Hestia Knife which Bell had 'dropped' somewhere. After observing it for a while he said,

"Thirty Valis"


Lily who was wearing a red jacket with a hood was shocked those words as she had personally seen it cut through those many monsters without getting damaged.

"This is a piece of junk, it's basically dead and can't cut anything"

After that, she just left the shop and was looking at the knife thinking whether this was actually the real knife or not. But then she noticed two figures walking in her direction.

When she saw who they were, she saw an elf and a human wearing maid dress walking towards her. She noticed that the elf was the same one who she saw the other day and hid the knife in her sleeve.

After walking past them she felt a little relieved when suddenly,

"Stop right there, prum"

She froze in that spot when she heard

"Show me the knife hidden in your sleeve. One of my friends has a knife similar to that. I just want to check it"

"This is mine you must be mistaken"

"Nonsense. I know of only one person with a knife that has Hieroglyphics"

After which she flicked a coin in her direction, this coin flew at an extremely fast speed and hit straight towards her hand which made her lose the grip on her hand and let go of the knife.

She didn't wait and just ran away after that, she didn't know why her luck was so bad today and just when she saw the main street at the end of the alleyway she crashed into someone.

But before she could fall she felt a hand catch her and saw that it was Bell who caught her. Before running into him she had changed her appearance into that of a chienthrope so she wasn't worried that she would get caught.

Just then Ryuu and Syr came out of the alleyway and saw Bell, he then asked them,

"Did you guys see a knife that's all black from top to bottom??"

Ryuu then took out the knife and showed it to him and asked, "Is this it?"

Seeing that he smiled, though the knife was a little valuable he was happier that he could hold Ryuu's hand. He then went towards her and grabbed hold of her hands and said, "Thank You very much Ryuu"

When Syr saw that she was feeling a little jealous and angry at the same time since she was currently his girlfriend and he was holding the hand of another woman right in front of her.

Ryuu currently was feeling happy and embarrassed at the same time since he was holding her hand. But then saw Syr and said in a low voice, "B-Bell you should do these sort of things with Syr, not me"

Syr who heard that was feeling extremely shy right now, "What are you saying Ryuu!!"

"Here you go" saying so she gave the knife towards Bell. Though he wanted to hold her soft hands for a little while longer he let it go and took the knife from her.

The knife which came into contact with him glowed a little and went back to normal. Though it glowed only a little Lily had seen that and was shocked.

"Where did you find it though??"

"More than finding it we got it from the hands of a prum who had it"


Syr then looked towards Lily and gave a slight smile and left it at that.

"Then we'll be going then"

"Thank you for your help. I'll be sure to repay you later"

"Don't mind about it"

"Well, see you later Bell"

"See you later Syr"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》