Bell With The DanMachi System
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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"So Lily, are you going to tell me why you stole my knife then??"

Hearing those words she was shocked and terrified, "N-Nii-sama didn't that elf lady say that a prum had your knife why are you suspecting me??"

"Because I saw you steal my knife at the entrance of the dungeon when we left"


"So, why did you steal my knife??"

"Lily is sorry for doing that if you give me some time I will surely repay you in the fut-"

"Well, I'm not looking for repayment. I just want you to tell me why you did it"

"….. I did it because I wanted the money"

"Let's go somewhere so that we can sit down and talk"

"C-Can we go to a place with more people? If not I will definitely not come"

"Sure no problem. I know a place"

He really didn't want to drag her matter for too long since he had many other goals and all he has to do is to save her from her Familia. He can easily do that with money as her familia still didn't have any particular goals regarding her and would let her go if she paid the money she needs.

They went to a café nearby which was frequented by a lot of people, he then ordered for himself and her. She then told him her story, regarding how her parents were from the soma Familia and how they died in the dungeon leaving her behind.

She then told them about how she was forced to work as a supporter and then when she tried to escape they destroyed the shop owned by the old couple who helped her.

After that, she was told that she could leave the Familia by paying them the amount which she owes them. After which she just kept quiet, she herself didn't understand why she told him all that and was hoping that he lets her go even if she has to pay some cash.

"Hmm… have it tough don't you"


"How much do you still owe them??"

"….. Lily owes them a lot of money and can only work in the dungeon to pay them back but as a supporter, it is very hard to do so"

"I can help you if you want to know"

Hearing that she just looked up at him with an astonished expression, "Why do you want to help Lily?"

But despite that, she wasn't able to trust adventurers easily and she thought that he had some ulterior motive in mind.

"Well I don't really know myself but when you called me Nii-sama I felt like you were my sister and apart from my grandfather I don't really have anyone else. That's why I decided to help you"

".....Just for calling you Nii-sama your willing to help me"

"Well I guess that's true"


"I'll help you pay them back so that they let you go from the Familia after which you're free to do whatever you want. If you're interested I can also ask my goddess to let you join our Familia"


After hearing all that she started crying, since she was a child no one helped her and even those who did were attacked by her Familia and had started to hate her.

But when Bell said all that she couldn't control herself and started crying. After calming down a bit she was much more cheerful and lively, he then gave the money which she was lacking and then told her to contact him if she was ever in trouble.

After that, he dropped her off at the gnome's shop where she had kept her saving and went with her to her Familia. He stayed outside since he wasn't part of the Soma Familia but if she needed his help then he wouldn't hesitate to attack them.

After waiting for a while he saw Lily came out of the Familia's home which looked somewhat like a heavily guarded mansion. She had an extremely happy expression on her face since she was now free from the Soma Familia.

In the light novel, she was targeted from her Familia due to her skill Cinderella. But that was only at a later time and now that Lily was free from their hands they can't target her out in the open. But if anyone tries to target his imouto (Note - Little Sister) he would definitely make them regret it.

[Ding… Quest Completed – Received System Major Upgrade, 1.000.000 SP]

When he saw the rewards he got he was over the moon but he decided to wait until he gets back to the church to check it.

"Lily so what do you plan on doing now??"

"….Lily was hoping that you would allow me to join your Familia….."

"Well though I said that the final decision still remains in the hands of my goddess Hestia but knowing her she would definitely accept you in"

"…..Thank you, Nii-sama"

"Let it be I'm your brother right, this is something that I must do"


Abandoned Church, Hestia Familia

"So Hestia, what do you think? Will you allow her to join our Familia"

Bell had told her all about Lily's circumstances and also that she had cut all ties with her previous Familia and had nowhere to go right now.

"Of course I'll accept her. She is your IMOUTO after all"

He noticed Hestia emphasizing the imouto part and thought if she was not his imouto then would she have accepted her?? But he didn't dwell too much on that and looked at Lily.

"See I told you right she would definitely accept you"

"Thank you, goddess Hestia for accepting me into you Familia"

"Well don't worry about that, if you have any problems you can definitely come to me for help"

"Well, then I guess it's about time that we move away from this place now that we have another member right??" Bell wanted to move out of the church right now since even Lily has joined the Familia and he wanted to find a better place in case any new members decide to join.

Apart from that he also has to clear up the loan from Hephaestus Familia since new members would hesitate to join if they get to know of the loan.

"But the problem is that we don't have enough money to buy a house in Orario"

"Well we can take our time and search for one as for the money I'm pretty sure that we can get enough for a small sized home for our Familia"

After some discussion, it was decided that Lily and Hestia would be the one responsible for searching for the house and Bell would be responsible for the necessary funds for their house.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》