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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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25 I Want You

It was the next day after Lily joined the Familia, right now he was going to meet Hephaestus regarding the forge she told him about. Though even he was not sure why she did so much for him as he didn't really have any contact with her as of yet and had yet to make her one of his women.

He went straight to the Hephaestus Familia and when he was walking in the street he noticed a lot of girls looking at him with flushed gazes and whispering among themselves.

When he reached the gated he told one of the guards his name and they let him pass through, though even they didn't know why their goddess called for him.


He went inside the room which was supposedly Hephaestus's office where a lot of papers could be seen lying around on a desk, and behind those piles of papers a red-haired women with a red eye sitting on a chair with an eye patch on her right eye and was wearing a white shirt with black gloves which covered her entire arm could be seen.

This woman was Hephaestus, who was the goddess of the No.1 blacksmithing Familia in Orario.

Right next to her a brown-skinned woman could be seen standing she had long black hair, red eye and had an eye patch similar to Hephaestus except on the left eye. She was wearing a sarashi to cover her breasts and sandals for her feet.

She was the captain of the Hephaestus Familia Tsubaki Collbrande as well as a master smith.

When they saw Bell they finally understood why all the women in their Familia were head over heels for this guy. He was truly beautiful, with his white hair, pale white skin along with a perfect body he falls into the strike zone of any girl. Even they had their hearts skip a beat when they saw him.

Right now he was wearing black clothes with the cloak of darkness which along with his white hair looked extremely beautiful.

"So your that kid who joined Hestia's Familia, Bell Cranel right?" finally after calming herself Hephaestus spoke up.

"That's right but you can just call me Bell"

"Well, now I finally understand why all the girls in our Familia are talking about you. I myself feel like I want to hug you and give you a kiss" Tsubaki who was standing behind Hephaestus spoke while looking at him, but after she finished speaking Bell was only left with a wry smile on his face.

"Well, it's not like I can actually do anything about it right?"

"Well leaving all that aside Hestia told me that you have the Blacksmithing skill right? But before you say anything I want to tell you that the only reason that I'm helping you out is that Hestia is a close friend and I want to help her out that is all there is to it"

"So how are you going to help me??"

"I can't ask my Familia for help in a personal matter but lucky for you Tsubaki volunteered herself to help you out. So you'll have both Tsubaki and me to help you out in you Blacksmithing but you have to pay for your own material and everything else just like the rest of my Familia. The only thing you get for free is advise and help from me and Tsubaki"

"Well I understand most of that but where exactly do I forge??"

"For a forge, you'll be given a basic forge from Tsubaki but you'll have to pay her for it and you can settle the details later on regarding your payments. Only for today will we give you the materials and forge for free to let you understand more about blacksmithing"

"Got it"

"Good, if your able to get your own forge that's also fine but you have to go to Tsubaki on your own if you have any questions got it?? Do you have anything to say??"

"Um… I heard that when anyone joins your Familia they are shown a sword and if they are able to make a better sword then you accept their request??"

"Well, it is true that a lot of smiths proposed to me since I'm the goddess of smiting and I told them that if they are able to make a better weapon than the one shown to them then I would accept their proposal but why do you ask??"

"Well does this apply to those outside of your Familia too??"

"It does but what do you want to ask from me??"

"I want you!!"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》