Bell With The DanMachi System
26 Billion Valis
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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26 Billion Valis

"I want you!!"

After he finished saying that,

"HAHAHAH…. Your good kid tell you what if your able to make a sword better than that I'll also serve you what do you say??"

When he heard what Tsubaki said he was a taken aback as he didn't expect her to do that. But he then gave a slight smile and said, "It's your choice don't forget what you said today"

"Well this isn't the first time someone has said that to me but why do you want me??"

"Well obviously since your beautiful what other reason can be there??"

"I'm beautiful!!!!" Hephaestus said that as if it was the most shocking thing in the world. Even Tsubaki was shocked as she knew of how people look at Hephaestus with fright due to her left eye, even the members of her Familia couldn't help but look at her in the same way.

The only person who didn't judge her by how she looked was Hestia that was the main reason why she was helping her Familia out to such extent. Right now when she heard that she was beautiful she was overjoyed and didn't know what to say.

In the past, there were many men who lied to her to gain a favor and get her to make a weapon for them, due to which she could now easily distinguish between those who were lying and those who were actually telling the truth.

From what he said she could see that it was his true feelings and he wasn't lying and this was the first time someone said that to her due to which she was having a complicated feeling.

But despite that, she knew the task which he wanted to do was extremely hard and was close to impossible for a human to do it by himself, "Let's see you tell that after you see the sword"

After which she took him to a room and showed him a sword when he saw that sword he found out that it was a half-divine sword which was made without the help of Arcanum and only by the capabilities of a mortal.

He understood that if he wanted to make a sword better than that it would have to be half-divine or divine grade sword. This was the only way to do so.

After she showed him the sword she knew that this is where most people give up and concede defeat, but when she saw Bell's face she was surprised that he was having a casual expression as if this was a normal sword.

She knew that since he had the Blacksmithing skill he would definitely be able to sense the difficulty to craft such a sword at the very least he would have a surprised expression.

"So what do you think will you be able to craft a sword comparable to this??"

"Well if I'm given some time and guidance it should be possible but to make one exceeding this would some effort be doable I guess"

When she heard what he had said she was shocked, though people who had seen this sword for the past thousand years had definitely challenged to create a sword comparable or better than the one here, none had ever said it in such a casual way.

She felt that if anyone would be able to do it, it can only be him.

"If you're truly able to make a sword comparable to this I will be your woman"

"Only a few years and I will definitely be able to do it, so just wait for me"


After that, they both came out of the room and went back to her office. He then remembered about the debt his Familia had owed her so he asked, "Hey Hephaestus, how much does Hestia owe you Familia for the two swords?? She told me that you had personally crafted them is that right??"

"Will though they were created by me they are still incomplete since it would become too powerful of a weapon for a rookie like you I left it just like that. In case you grow stronger than now I will then complete the sword. As for how the loan your Familia owes me it's valis"



This time both Tsubaki and Bell were stunned listening to the amount, he thought that it would probably cost a few hundred valis but the price she said was completely out of his expectations. He would have to start grinding in the middle or lower layers to earn that much.

"Sigh...….truly a large amount but this sword can only be used by me right??"

"That's true"

"In that case make the loan in my name, I don't want my Familia to take this burden for a weapon which only I can use"

"…..But what if you're unable to pay back??"

"Then use this as compensation"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》