Bell With The DanMachi System
27 First Lesson
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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27 First Lesson

Saying so he took out a knife and gave it to her, this knife was just like the Hestia Knife with hieroglyphs except it was not bounded to any Familia. When Hephaestus took the knife she was surprised as this knife had the same growth property as the two heavy swords she gave him.

The only difference was that this was linked to an entire Familia and could not be used by anyone outside it. She was shocked that such a weapon actually exists and then guessed that it should have been another blacksmithing god who had given it to him.

"Hey boy, where did you get this sword??"

"Well the person who introduced me to smiting gave me two of them one is in your hand while the other already belongs to the Hestia Familia"


She was still surprised at the knife but didn't ask anything further and took the agreement which she made with Hestia and gave it to Bell along with another agreement of the same type which was unsigned.

He then signed it and gave it back to her keeping the one she gave into his storage while acting as if he was keeping it in his bag.

Tsubaki who was seeing this was shocked completely as she couldn't identify what was the knife which she had gotten from Bell. She knew how valuable the swords that Hephaestus gave him were but she still exchanged it for this knife.

"The sword's I gave you were definitely better than the knife, though this is also a great weapon it is not comparable to those swords. This is only collateral and if anything happens to you Hestia will still have to pay in your stead got it!!"

"Sure that's fine enough with me. I hope that you don't tell Hestia about this either alright"

"Sure that's not a problem"

"So should we start then??"

"Tsubaki, take him to my forge I'll come right after I finish some matters"

"…. Alright"

She took him to the forge in her room and was asking him about the knife which he gave Hephaestus. When she heard that it was a growth type weapon she was shocked as she only knew of Hephaestus who could make this type of weapon.

As they were talking Hephaestus came in and was holding a hammer in her hands. She then tossed these hammers towards Bell, he was surprised that she just threw it at him but he wasn't worried and caught it in a casual manner.

"This is a basic hammer which is given to any new member of our Familia treat it as a present from me for your first class"


"So first lesson let's see how you make a weapon"


He took off his shirt and took a few ingots to heat up when they saw him taking off his shirt they didn't seem bothered as this was commonly done during smiting. But when they saw how well developed his body was they were shocked as this was a body which was perfect in every sense.

With a proper V-shaped body, 10-pack abs and proper muscle distribution all over his body, it was truly a MAN's body.

After that he went towards the furnace and put in a few ingots and lit up his Heavenly Flame, this flame isn't considered as a skill or magic according to the system and hence was put under the equipment category.

When Hephaestus saw the flames she was extremely shocked as for Tsubaki she asked, "You can use fire magic??"

"This isn't magic"

"Then how did you make those flames??"

"H-Heavenly Flames!!!!"

"That's right, this is a heavenly flame"

When Tsubaki heard that even she was completely shocked as these were flames which were from the heavens, though there have been records of these flames in the world it was close to impossible to obtain them as just to find one would be like finding a needle in the world's largest haystack.

"….How did you get these flames??"

"I got it outside of Orario during the time I was coming from my village. I was extremely lucky and found it"



After heating the ingots he took the metal and placed it on the anvil and took his hammers and started to hammer on it. When he was hammering he felt something in his blood vibrate. He thought that this was probably due to the Hephaestus blood which he got as a reward and didn't bother about it.

On the other hand, Hephaestus who was watching this also felt her blood excite she knew that this was due to Bell and was even more shocked. She was able to feel a connection from him as if it was naturally existing, she understood that he had the talent to make magic swords comparable to hers.

The Hephaestus Blood which he got wasn't a type of bloodline but instead, it was a magical bloodline which had a high density of magic. This density was comparable to Hephaestus's and can be used to make magic swords when smiting.

When he was hammering the ingot he had a definite interval between each swing and was hammering at precise locations, they were able to see that he had proper experience in the field and was not making any unnecessary strikes.


After nearly two to three hours or so he finally finished making the weapon, it was an ax which he had made. He then gave it to them to check up on it.

After they were done they saw that this ax was comparable to a weapon made by a Level 3 blacksmith and was also made with extreme precision. They knew that this was an ax which could only be made if one had the strength and dexterity similar to a level 3 adventurers.

The strength and dexterity can be easily achieved but the precision was comparable to that of a Level 4's. Hephaestus now understood why he was so calm when he saw that weapon.

"Umm….. so how was it??"

"Well your performance was truly good all you lack right now to go to the next level is your level. Though you have great strength and dexterity it would be tough to make a weapon which can be truly comparable to a higher level's"

"I see well then I want to learn how to make armors so can you tell me about that??"

"….Sure. But you didn't learn how to make armors at all?"

"Though it's embarrassing that is the truth" saying which he could only give a wry smile.

He was immersed in practicing for the entire day and when it was soon to be evening, he left the forge after cleaning it up and also thanked Hephaestus and Tsubaki for their help.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》