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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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28 In Love??

After he left Tsubaki and Hephaestus were talking about him,

"Hephaestus-sama he definitely has some skills in smiting don't you think??"

"….When he was smithing I could feel that he had a dense amount of mana concentration in his blood which was similar to my own. If he makes a magical weapon it wouldn't be any weaker than that Crozzo boy' s weapons"

"Similar to yours!!!!!"

"Yes even I was shocked but it seems that he still hasn't realized I tor he doesn't know how to use it as of yet"

"….. Well that aside even his smiting skills were top notch for his level and once he's able to level up he should be able to make better weapons than how he is right now"

"That is also true...…."

Hephaestus then remembered about what he had said about her and after seeing his Blacksmithing skill's she was secretly hoping that he is actually able to make a weapon better than hers in the future and take her as his women.

Thinking about that she had a grinning expression on her face like a girl in love. Tsubaki also understood what she was thinking about seeing that smile on her face and remembered that she had told him that she would also become his woman if he is able to make a weapon better than Hephaestus.

Causing a light blush on her face, but being the usual thick-skinned women she was she recovered from that easily and snapped Hephaestus out of her dreamland.

"Oh and don't tell anyone about his Blood as there would be a lot of greedy adventurer's who would want a talent like his. I don't want him to become like Welf and stop trying to make weapons due to his pride"

"Don't worry I know"


Babel Highest Floor

On a chair facing the window a woman could be seen sitting there, she had a sexy black dress with a red outlining and was looking down at the people entering and exiting Babel.

This woman was none other than Freya, "Aaa…. Bell, everyone gets to be with you but why not me!!"

Nearby Ottar was standing by guarding her, he knew about his goddess's obsession to find adventurers and treat them as playthings. But he could also see that this time was much different from the others and she saw him not just as a plaything.

In fact, even Ottar didn't know that she had actually fallen in love with Bell. At first, she thought that this was one of her obsessions but as time passed by she found that she wanted more of him and couldn't be without him.

"I actually fell in love with him," she thought to herself

"Ottar can you leave me alone for a while"

"Yes, My Lady"

She stood up and went towards the bookshelf and took out one book from the bookshelf. But looking at the title 'Modern Magic that even goblins can learn' she just put it back,

"If you were like my other playthings I would have sent this to you but…."

thinking so she took out another book from the shelf, looking at its title she smiled after which she had an ecstatic expression on her face and said,

"… you are someone who I want to be with for all eternity"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》