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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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29 Grimoire

Unknown to Bell that one of his targets had fallen in love with him he was just going back to the abandoned church. He was supposed to discuss with Hestia and Lily regarding their new home.

After he reached the church and went inside he saw Hestia and Lily eating jagamarukuns. When they noticed Bell coming in they greeted him,

"Welcome back Bell (Nii-sama)"

"So have you guys decide on what place to buy as of yet??"

"We have to take our time and decide stuff like this it can't be done in a hurry. Also, we still haven't decided whether it would be a temporary one or a permanent one"

"I agree with goddess Hestia. Does nii-sama have any idea??"

"Well even I had the same thought, it would be much better if we bought a permanent residence. As for the money, we can only work off at the dungeon since we don't have any other source of income for our Familia"

"We searched for some houses which we can afford for our Familia and here's the list"

Saying so Hestia passed a file to Bell, it contained images and description for various houses and plots in Orario. He was surprised at the detailed description of each house in the file they had truly worked hard to gather all this information.

"Well, most of the houses can be ignored as they would only be a burden if our Familia increases later on. Our most reasonable option would be to buy a plot"

"Why a plot though??"

"Well for one, plots are cheaper and we can construct the house based on our requirements. The few houses for Familia use don't have necessary stuff like forges or practice areas which would be extremely necessary later on. But the important thing is the distance from the dungeon, some houses are extremely close by whereas a few are situated near the walls these locations are bad for a dungeon exploration familia"

"…..So how does a plot help us then??"

"Most free lands are located in the middle areas which would be perfect as they wouldn't be too far from the dungeon and we can also access the business district in Orario which would be a proper location for our base"

"I see... you definitely have thought it through haven't you"

"That's right nii-sama you are soo smart. I and Hestia had to go through them for hours just to eliminate a few of them"

He then started to take out a few pages from the file saying,

"With our requirements….. these five are the only plots which would satisfy us"

"These plots are...."

"…..are too expensive nii-sama"

"Well, they only cost a few million valis so I actually think they are somewhat cheap. This price is only for the plot the building costs would be even more so I think nearly a billion valis would be perfect"

"B-B-B-B-Billion Valis!!!!"

Listening to the cost Hestia fainted and Lily was just muttering a billion valis continuously under her breath. To both of them, a billion valis is a lot of money, especially Hestia who still had her loan of a billion valis with Hephaestus, as of yet she still didn't know that Bell had taken over the loan and hence she was still working in Hephaestus's shop paying off her debt.

"You guys don't have to worry much about that, I'm the one in charge of the money and I estimate that it would take a couple of weeks or so to buy the land with our current rate. But since we are only in the upper levels it is slow and once we go into the middle levels the rate at which we can gather our funds will only increase"


Hestia and Lily were just staying silent at his words, they then realized that the Familia's earning rate was much faster than any other Familia at the lower levels. The difference was so huge that they could compare to a Familia who were hunting at the middle levels.

"Well anyhow I'm tired right now after forging for an entire day so I'm going to sleep early if you have anything to discuss let's do that tomorrow"


The next day Bell went towards the 'Benevolent Mistress' to return the lunchbox he took from Syr. When he went there Syr was surprised that he hadn't gone to the dungeon today.

"Bell why didn't you go to the dungeon today??"

"Well, I had to check out some plots along with Hes-… My goddess and one of my Familia member so we didn't go today"

"I see, well what do you plan to do after that??"

"Hmm…. I don't have anything particularly planned but do you want to go on a date??"


"Yup a date. Just me and you"

"…..Though I want to go I have my shift today and I've taken quite a few leaves already so I can't come with you. Sorry"

"Nah its fine don't worry about it we can go the next time you're free. But its true that I have nothing to do though..."

"How about reading a book??"

"A book??"

She went near the counter where a large thick book was kept and bought it towards him.

"One of our customers forgot it here and left so in case you want to you I can lend it to you. Besides I don't think they might come back for it though"

"Well its true that I've already gone through most of the books Hestia had so…. Fine I'll take you up on that offer"

Saying so he took the book and when he read the title he was shocked as it was not the same Grimoire Bell had gotten. The title of the book which Bell got Firebolt from was 'Modern Magic even Goblins can learn' whereas the grimoire in front of him had a title 'Anc**** Magic of G***' a few parts were scribbled out due to which he couldn't read it but he had a few guesses on its actual title.

This was confirmed when he asked the system,

'Hey system, can you scan this grimoire to find out its actual title??'

[Grimoire: Ancient Magic of Gods]

Though he felt surprised he didn't show it out on his face as Syr was still here. But he couldn't understand why Freya would give him such a powerful grimoire as she only saw him as a plaything…..unless??.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》