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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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30 GOD

"Thank you for the book, I'll be sure to return it to you after reading it"

"No don't worry about that if it wasn't for you then it would just be lying there to collect dust"

"I'll cook you a meal later on this weekend alright"


"Y-Yeah sure. No problem how about I cook for you this weekend along with our date??"

"Let's do it!!"

"I'll let you pick the place and we can go"

"Umm…If…..If it's possible then can you prepare food for 10 to 15 people??"

"That won't be a problem but…. You should try to keep your weight down a bit"

"It's….It's not for me!!! It's for someone else"

"I-I see…. Alright then plan out wherever you want to go and I'll make some amazing dishes for you"

"It's a promise then"

"Sure. See you later"


After checking out the different plots of lands available, they were able to decide on one which costed nearly 50.000.000 valis. Hestia and Lily were still shocked at the price since this was a lot of money and they were still a little skeptical about earning that much in a few weeks.

After deciding on the plot they reserved it for a month and left the estates office. Hestia had work to do hence she had left early as for lily she had to restock for the dungeon so she also left after that. Bell went back to the church as he decided to read the grimoire.


After he came back he took the book out from the inventory and started to read. The book explained about the different types of magic such as the ones which a person is born with and the ones a person gets from blessings which were known as Farna.

It explained in detail regarding the magic's and also regarding the divinities of gods and how it works.

Unknowingly he fell into a trance while reading the book. He was in a dream-like state where he was floating in space and in front of him was a small seed, this seed then started to sprout and grow.

He was able to feel his magic growing smaller and smaller until he was in a mind zero state but the surprising thing was that he didn't faint and could still see what was going on.

Then two different lights came out of his body and started to float towards the tree. He was surprised at first as these lights had a familiar feeling to his two different magic's, the elemental magic and the space-time magic.

The elemental light had a rainbow-colored light, as for the space-time magic it was made from two different colors bluish-black and dark green. He could still sense that he had the magic but what left him was only the essence of the magic and would recover within a short time.

When they went towards the mysterious tree they were directly absorbed. The tree then gave out a bright light which spread through the whole space. After this light subsided he opened his eyes and what he saw shocked him.

The previously empty space was now filled with a huge amount of energies, with the tree as the center a huge lake was formed surrounding it. This lake was supported by a mass of earth. The air around the tree was pure to the extremes.

The tree also had changed and had a variety of colored leaves which made it look extremely beautiful. It excluded a divine aura which made one want to bow down to it.

He could faintly sense Arcanum being emitted by the tree, though it was at a very slow pace right now he guessed that it was mostly due to his level.

He was truly surprised at this discovery as only gods were the beings who could give Arcanum in the form of Falna or blessings. This tree would completely overturn this logic and if anyone else got to know about this he wouldn't even know how he died.

Even Freya who gave him the book wouldn't expect this outcome, the only reason she gave him this grimoire was so that he would become stronger faster and reach a higher level. So, that even if he dies she could take his soul and craft him a body in the divine realm.

The grimoire's original purpose was to give the user ancient magic of his highest elemental affinity. If one had multiple affinities of the same value they would get magic's related to all the affinities. But due to his Elemental Magic, all of his elemental affinities were balanced out and he also had Space-Time Magic which gave him the additional affinities of Space and Time. Space and Time elements originally did not exist in the DanMachi world and only came into existence due to the System.

Due to all these factors the world was forced to adapt and hence causing him to posses Arcanum. Though the amount is extremely small and won't cause any changes to him as of yet, but in the future, there would be a possibility for him to become a TRUE GOD.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》