Bell With The DanMachi System
31 Meeting Freya
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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31 Meeting Freya

Though for him to become a god only with the help of the ancient tree would take him a few millennia's but with the help of the system he would be able to do it in a shorter time.

After the tree completely filled the space with its aura and merged with the elemental essence and the space-time essence he was forced to go out of the space.

When he woke up he saw that the grimoire was in an extremely unstable condition.

[Ding… Arcanum Source detected in Host]

[Ding… Forcing System Update]

[Ding… During Update A.I of System would remain offline]

[Ding… Time left for the update – 20:00:00]

Due to his system currently being offline, he couldn't ask it regarding the information of the tree and could only wait for a day before he was able to access it.

He decided to open his stats once and see if there were any changes and when he did he was shocked,


Name: Bell Cranel (????)

Age: 14

Race: Demi God

Level: 1

STR: 10000 [800] EX [A]

VIT: 10000 [800] EX [A]

DEX: 10000 [800] EX [A]

AGI: 10000 [800] EX [A]

MAG: 10000 [800] EX [A]

Developed Abilities: Luck (S), Cook (E), Divine Healing (G), Swordsman (F), Magic Resistance (S), Blacksmith (F), Abnormal Resistance (S), Mixing(G), Mage (I)

[Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Luck, Blacksmith, Divine Healing, Mage]

Skill: Status Edit, No Limit, Liaris Freese, No Chant

[Liaris Freese]

Magic: Elemental Magic, Space-Time Magic

[Ancient Fire-Bolt (Cast: Fire Bolt)]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map, Notification, Storage, Sub-Quest

System Points:


There were a lot of things he was surprised at, the firs was his name as there was a brackets of question marks after it, then was his race which changed from Human to Demi-God. This was probably due to the tree which he saw, this confirmed his suspicion that the tree would help him ascend to godhood.

The next thing would be that the Familia slot was removed, this gave him a headache as he was not sure if this would interfere with his status upgrade, hence he decided to stall getting an upgrade at least until the system finishes upgrading.

The final thing would be the increment in his stats and abilities ranks, even the previous spirit healing evolved to divine healing. This was probably due to him becoming a demigod.

Since he couldn't confirm anything and could only do so after the system finishes upgrading he just left it at that. He was also shocked at the condition of the Grimoire as he remembered that in a normal case a used grimoire should just become blank but the grimoire in his hand was burnt to the point of almost becoming charcoal.

He just let out a sigh and went out to check out if anything new appeared in any of the stalls. While he was checking out a few food stalls he bumped into a black cloaked figure. Though he knew that the opposite party had done this on purpose since she was following him for quite a while.

He knew that the black cloaked figure was none other than Freya, after bumping into each other Freya who was about to fall down was held by the waist and was just a few centimetres away from Bell's Face.

Seeing his face up close a light blush formed on her face, the same could be said for Bell as this was the first time he saw Freya and he was surprised at how beautiful she was.

They stayed in that position for a while before he pulled her up and set her straight. Though he still didn't let go of her waist and instead pulled her a little further.

"Thank you, Mr…..?"

"Bell, Bell Cranel and please just call me Bell"

"Thank you, Bell and sorry for dashing into you I wasn't paying attention and it happened by accident"

"Oh please don't mention it. It was my fault that you almost fell, so I should be the one apologizing instead"

"Fufu, you're a funny guy Bell. But it doesn't change the fact that I accidentally bumped into you so how about I treat you to some coffee nearby??"

"Well I'll take you up on that offer"

"So, how long are you going to keep holding me like this?"

"Well, who knows??"

"Fufu, as I thought you are an interesting person Bell"

Saying so, she tightly gripped his arm like a girlfriend and told,

"Well I hope this would be acceptable for you instead??"

"Well I'll be satisfied with this for now I guess"

"Is that so, well let's go then the shop which I mentioned is just right around the corner"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》