Bell With The DanMachi System
34 Ryuu“s Feelings
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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34 Ryuu“s Feelings

Right now they were walking towards the 'Benevolent Mistress' to meet up with Syr. He knew that she knew about his dream of making a harem as she had heard it from Hestia so he was hoping for things to go smoothly.

When they entered the restaurant he was greeted by Syr who was surprised at seeing Bell with Eina. From the way they were, she understood that she was one of the women who was going to be her future sister.

She then led them towards an empty table the other maids in the restaurant were also surprised seeing Eina as they knew that Syr was Bell's girlfriend.

She then asked Mama Mia if she could take an hour off to have a meal with Bell. Seeing that even Mia agreed and let her off saying that she only had an hour off and she had to come back right after that.

When Bell and Eina were deciding on their order Syr suddenly came and sat next to Eina and asked,

"So Bell aren't you going to introduce her to me??"

"Well Syr she is Eina Tulle my Dungeon Adviser and my girlfriend"

"Eina this is Syr Flova a waitress at this restaurant and also my girlfriend"

When they heard him introduce each other as his girlfriend they had a complicated feeling inside of them anger, happiness, jealousy all such emotions could be seen.

Right at that time Ryuu came to take their order but when she saw the awkward atmosphere in the table she was a bit worried about Syr as she didn't know what was going on, after taking their order she said,

"Bell…..can I talk to you for a while"


After he left them alone for a while Syr tried to start a conversation with her,

"So….. Eina how did you start going out with Bell??"

Listening to her question a small smile could be seen on Eina's face and she then started to speak to about all her encounters with Bell. After she finished Syr then talked about how she fell in love and was asked out by Bell.

This way the two of them got closer to each other, as for Bell…..

In the alley behind the restaurant,

"Well Bell, who was that woman??"

"….What's with the threatening atmosphere??"

"Nothing much Its just that I don't want you to cheat with Syr and make her sad"

"I see.....well let's assume that as your reason for now, that women is my guild advisor and also a member from my harem"

"H-H-Harem!!!! Bell how could you do such a thing when you have Syr!!! I have to go and tell her this"

"She already knows about this and she also accepted the fact that I want to have a harem. She knew about this fact before I even proposed to her"


Ryuu had a slightly sorrowful expression on her face right now.

"Why do you feel so sad right now Ryuu??"

He asked in a playful voice, listening to that she just answered,

"I'm feeling sad that my friends is going out with a pervert such as yourself"

"Are you sure that this is the actual reason that you're sad??"

"What do you mean?? Of course I would be sad for my friend"

"LIES!!! The main reason that your sad is because you love me but deny to acknowledge your feelings despite knowing about them"

"I-I...Of course I'm in love with you. I don't know why since the first time I saw you I had fallen in love with you. But what do you expect me to do?? I don't deserve to be happy. Especially if I have to take Syr's happiness to do that"

"Even I fell in love with you since the first time I saw you. Though I won't be able to love only you I would definitely keep you happy, so Ryuu Lion would you go out with me??"


"Accept him Ryuu"

"Syr!!!I'm sorry for this but I love him" saying so she started to cry out loud. Suddenly she felt a warm embrace around her. When she opened her eye she saw both Syr and Bell hugging her.

Bell knew that the main reason she was behaving this way was because of the incident concerning her previous Familia and what she did to get revenge for them wiping out an entire Familia.

"Miss Ryuu, though Bell is a pervert who wants to create a harem for himself, he genuinely cares for each and everyone for them and doesn't differentiate between anyone. Being with him would definitely give you happiness" even Eina who was seeing this spoke up.

Listening to all of them Ryuu's heart cleared up, she wiped her tears and looked straight at Bell with a shy expression on her face and answered,

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》