Bell With The DanMachi System
35 Ryuu“s Feelings II
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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35 Ryuu“s Feelings II

"….I accept"

Seeing that she accepted his confession he hugged her by the waist and kissed her on the lips just like he did for Syr and Eina.


All three of them were surprised at his sudden kiss. Ryuu who had never had a relationship with anyone of the opposite sex before was feeling extremely embarrassed at his sudden kiss. Though she was resisting at first she then gave in and let him take the lead.

Unlike as he did with Freya he just gave her a simple French kiss and parted with her. He knew that this was the limit he could go as of yet with the three of them.

As for Syr and Eina both of them also wanted to have a kiss with him seeing that. Unable to bear it Syr went and gave him a kiss, he was truly surprised that Syr actually took the initiative for the first time and kissed her back.

The only pitiful person right now was Eina who was waiting for her turn to kiss Bell. Unlike with Ryuu he went a little aggressive with s this wasn't her first time and he had deepened their relationship unlike with that of Ryuu.

After he finished kissing Syr, Eina hugged him and started to kiss him without giving him any time to rest. Unlike the two of them her emotions were pent up since she was unable to see him for the past few days and with the recent event of him wanting to create a harem she felt that her position as a girlfriend was threatened and she was afraid of losing him.

Bell who noticed that just went along with her and was even more aggressive than how he did it with Syr. Syr and Ryuu who saw this were a little jealous but they decided to not bother too much about this and let them go at it since they knew that Eina was feeling a little uneasy.

After a round of kissing all the girls, they all had a slight blush on their faces. Syr and Ryuu who were the shy characters had a slightly deeper shade than Eina who usually plays the onee-san character.

When they went back to the restaurant Ryuu went straight to the kitchen with a blush on her face, no one in the restaurant noticed that except Mama Mia. As for Syr, Eina and Bell they went towards the table where they were previously sitting and were waiting for their order.

While waiting for their order Syr and Eina were chatting about various stuff but the topics mostly included were about Bell. Right then a huge slam was seen on the table and they noticed that Mama Mia had come to give their order.

After giving them their order she came near Bell's ear and whispered in a low voice so that Syr and Eina couldn't hear what she was saying and said,

"If you hurt either of Ryuu or Syr then I'm going to make you wish that you were dead"

After which she left without saying anything more, but listening to her Bell had cold sweats dripping from his back. Though he was much stronger than her and he could easily compare to a level-10 adventurer in terms of stats he still had an instinctual feeling of fear from her. This was just like the fear a son-in-law had from his father-in-law, even if he was stronger than him he knew that he couldn't beat him.

After finishing his dinner in the restaurant he went straight home to prepare dinner for his Familia as he had already prepared the ingredients and it was still around late evening. When he went home he saw that Lily was already back and was sleeping on the sofa and finished replenishing her stocks for the dungeon.

Seeing her like that he just put a blanket on her and went to cook dinner, while he was cooking he noticed that Lily had just woken up and was in a half awake state near the entrance of the kitchen.

"Go wash your face the food is almost ready. Once Hestia comes we'll start eating"


After washing her face, she was waiting at the sofa, since the size of the church was small to begin with, they didn't have the space to put up a dining table and usually ate food at the couch.

After he finished cooking he closed the lid and went back to the couch and spoke with Lily about her day and some dungeon affairs. He was building up his elder brother figure with Lily. He didn't have much interest in her and considered that she would be a better imouto than a part of his harem.

While they were talking Hestia came back from her work, she was considerably tired as she had to work two part-time jobs.

"Why don't you stop working in at least one of the part-time jobs since our Familia could make enough money with the dungeon right now and you don't have to work so much"


"…Yeah, don't you agree Lily??"

"I agree with Nii-sama, since we can currently manage with the money form dungeon exploration you don't have to work so hard"

Though in fact she actually wanted to quit both her part time jobs and just laze around all day but she knew that with the debt she had with Hephaestus she couldn't do that and had to still work at the weapon' s shop.

"Well let's eat. The food is already prepared"

After finishing their meal they all went to sleep since it was a tiring day for all of them. Especially for Bell who did all that 'work' today.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》