Bell With The DanMachi System
36 Elemental Magic
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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36 Elemental Magic

What he saw made him stare at it for quite a while. As he thought that he would actually get the unique magic which Bell had in the anime, Fire Bolt which was a swift strike magic with no chant. But instead….

"Elemental Magic...."

"That's right. Instead of a chant there is actually a note which says Chantless Magic"

"Chantless Magic…?"

"That's right, I guess that this would probably depend on your imagination and creative skills as to how string this magic will be"

"Congrat's Nii-sama, You actually developed Magic. Though I don't know what type of magic it is I'm pretty sure that it is a powerful one"

"Thank you, Lily"

'Tch,…. It must have been due to that skill of his Liaris Freese….. but It shouldn't have such an effect so how did he....?'

"Bell, you said you were reading a book after coming back right??"

"…..Yeah, why??"

"Can you show me that book??"

"Sure,....Here this was the one. Though I'm not sure why it ended up in that state after I finished reading it"

"...…..Bell. This is a grimoire"

When Lily and Bell heard what she said, they were frozen on the ground,

"And judging by the magic you got. It must have been a high level one at that"

"...Are you sure Hestia-sama??"

"I'm pretty sure of it, I can feel a few traces of mana still in this book. Bell you said a friend gave this to you right??"

"Well to be exact, she lent it to me since she just found it lying around and didn't know what to do about it"


"Ah, It's Syr from the restaurant who I told you about. One of their customers left it on the table and forgot about it that's why she gave it to me"

"Bell....Let's just forget about this incident. Don't worry you just have to say that you didn't read this and I'll take care of the rest"

"Lily also thinks the same nii-sama"

"Just hold on a minute!!"

Saying so he hit them on their heads,

"I'll go and return this book and ask her about this book's owner so don't bother about it"

"Alright, but right now it is a little late in the night right. So how about you go tomorrow to return the book??"

"Nope!!! I'm going right now and I'll come back a little late do don't wait up for me and eat up"

"Why would you be late??"

Hestia asked him the question while bending forward, though she said it in an angrier tone with how her boobs were juggling up and down right in front of him he wasn't able to take it seriously and brushed it off by saying,

"I have some work to do which may end up taking the entire night to finish"

"Hmmmm..... Fine I'll let you off this time"


Seeing those two fight Lily gave out a cute giggle, since in this life she had no interest in Bell and ended up viewing him as her brother she didn't feel jealous of Bell staying out late at night or having a girlfriend.

After that he went towards the 'Benevolent Mistress'. When he went inside he was greeted by Syr and Ryuu and Mama Mia, who asked him why he came so early as they still didn't open the restaurant yet.

When he finished explaining about the little accident he had they had a shocked expression and thought, 'Which idiot forgets a grimoire in a restaurant'

"I'm extremely sorry"

"My, My Bell. What did you do!!"

"Ummm... your also a part of this Syr so don't try to escape"

"Don't worry Bell. If anyone asks you money for the book I'll be sure to give them a lesson"

"….. Now I am worrying"

When the three lover's were having a nice time flirting Mama Mia, then threw the book in the dustbin and said,

"Forget about it. It was their fault for forgetting something so precious so you can't be blames for such a thing"

"But still...…"

"I told you to forget about it didn't I!!!"

"YES!!! Syr, Ryuu I have to go now but I'll come back soon Bye. I love you both"


Syr and Ryuu who heard what he said were slightly blushing and then looked towards each other and started to giggle. Mama Mia who saw this just said,

"Get back to work!!"

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》