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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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37 Meeting Aiz

After he left the restaurant, he went towards

He then remembered that today was the day when Aiz was coming out of the dungeon after soloing a floor boss. This would be the best chance to get a lap pillow from her finishing a quest along with having a blissful experience.

When he went towards the seventh floor where he was going to wait for her to come he remembered that he needed to be in a mind zero state so that she could give him a lap-pillow.

He knew that today would be the day for him to complete the quest so from morning he had deactivated his divine Healing ability which lets him recover any of his energies as time passes by with the help of the system and was continuously using his Space-Time Magic by opening a personal storage space which he would later on use to make storage rings.

Right now he let out both of his magic's, Elemental and Space-Time at the same time in full force which destroyed the surroundings completely before repairing it while at the same time creating a space barrier so that no one notices his presence. This process continued for a few more times while he suddenly started to feel dizzy, her stopped before he could go complete mind down and faint as he had to time it right so that he would faint just when Aiz and Riveria were coming up the stairs.

He waited for quite some time while two dots appeared on the map, one was Aiz while the other one was Riveria, he marked all his future wives as soon as he got the map function from the system hence he was sure that it was the two of them. He then let out a huge fire-bolt before fainting from Mind Zero condition.

When he fainted for some time two figures were approaching him while conversing with each other,

"When we get back everyone is going to be surprised that you defeated a floor boss all by yourself"

One of them had green hair with a magician robe and a staff in her hand, while the other had a half beaten down armour which just barely covered her privates and had golden hair with an expressionless face.

When they came up the stairs they saw a guy fallen down in the dungeon face down. When they went near him to check his condition, they were surprised when they looked at him.

Aiz was a person who didn't care about most of the things in life and continued to chase after power in order to rescue her mother whose whereabouts are unknown and she doesn't even know if she is dead or alive and also revenge against the Black Dragon who killed her father and was the reason behind her mother's disappearance. Due to this she didn't have much feelings towards the opposite gender and also developed an airhead like personality and thus the only reason she was shocked when she saw Bell was that he was the same person who she had saved on the fifth floor from a Minotaur.

But the same couldn't be said about Riveria, though she was a High-Elf and saw many handsome men who tried to win her over in her long life she had never seen someone as pretty as him but she quickly regained herself since even though she thought he was handsome, if he did not have enough strength she wouldn't truly feel much about him.

She then placed her hand on top of his head, a slight glow was being emitted from her hand, after checking his condition she said,

"Nothing to worry about it looks like he used to much magic without thinking about it"

"That kid….."

"What, you know him, Aiz?"

"I've never spoken to him myself but….. when that thing with the minotaur happened...."

"I see, he was the one caught up with our mistake, huh?"

"Riveria I want to make it up to him"


Right now Riveria had a slight feeling wanting to tease Aiz a bit....


"Do what I just said"

"That's more than enough to atone"

"Is that enough"

"Yeah. I'll be going back ahead of you"

Unknown to her, her friend Riveria had sent her down the path in which she would never forget about this day or about him ever in her life due to the advise she had given her.....

Suddenly Bell felt that he was having a warm and soft feeling near his head, when he opened his eyes slightly he was able to see a blonde beauty who was wearing an armour which exposed her right boob partially. She was looking at him with a blank expression and was slowly stroking his hair.

He slowly put his arm over her neck and brought her face closer to his and then started to kiss her.


Aiz who had no idea why he put his arm over her felt confused at why he was bringing his face so close to hers and just when she was about to ask him how he was feeling, he suddenly kissed her.

At first she was blank, only after two seconds was she able to figure out what was happening and had a bright red face. She didn't know how to respond to what was happening, when she felt a tongue entering her mouth.

After putting his tongue inside he stated to play with her tongue though she wasn't responding much he could only take the initiative and play with her.

After kissing for a while he separated himself from her and slowly stood up. Aiz had a blank expression on her face and didn't say anything,

"My name is Bell….. Bell Cranel. What's yours??"

"....Aiz…Aiz Wallenstein"

"What do you want to do about that ki-"

Even before he could finish his sentence Aiz took her sword and attack him. He wasn't shocked that she did so, since it was her first kiss and it was taken by a man who was a complete stranger to her.

He held out his hand and caught the sword, when Aiz saw that she was shocked, even though she didn't put all her strength in her attack it was still the attack of a peak rank 5 and this man in front of her was able to stop it with just his bare hands.

After stopping the attack he let go of her sword and said,

"I know that it was my fault for kissing you suddenly but I at least hope that you don't kill me for that"

"Shut up it's your fault for k-k-kissing me and you deserve to die for that"

"Sigh…. How about this I'll just stand here and let you stack as much as you want for five seconds after which you forgive me??"

"...What is your intention of doing that??"

"Well you can say all I want is for you to calm down and listen to what I have to say after that"

Not believing in what he was saying she kept her vigilance up and took her stance, seeing that he was just standing there without responding she felt a little weird,

"You only have four seconds left so if you want to attack you better do it now"

Listening to what he said she felt a bit angry and charged towards him, seeing that he still didn't respond she felt a little weird and attacked him at the shoulder. When the sword stroked him at the shoulder it left a deep wound.

"And that's two seconds left"

Seeing that he didn't block the strike she was surprised

"...….Why didn't you block it??"

"I already said I wouldn't move didn't I…..And that's zero your times up"

After which he put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him and gave her another kiss.
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》