Bell With The DanMachi System
38 What do you truly want....
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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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38 What do you truly want....

After she was kissed for the second time she was furious, and when she tried to get away from him she was surprised that she couldn't get out from his arms.

After having kissed her enough he then stopped kissing her but he didn't let her go and kept his arms locked around her waist.

"Sorry I couldn't help it, kissing you felt so good and I was unable to stop myself. But don't worry I will take responsibility and make you my woman"

When he said responsibility Aiz felt a little happy but she didn't show it on her face and kept the same blank expression,

"You don't have to respond now, take your time and think about it for a while. You should also know that I have other women besides you, my dream is to create a harem and also be the strongest in the world"

"…..What do you mean by other women??"

"As I said my dream is to create a harem and be the strongest in the world and I want you to be a part of my harem."


Seeing Aiz not saying anything he just left her and went back.


After her meeting with Bell Aiz was in a blank zone and went back to her Familia. After which she went straight to her room and locked herself in. Today was a tiring day for her, with the murder on the safe zone to defeat the boss and to meeting him.

She went to take a bath and came back to her room, she just took her bath and didn't change her clothes yet and was wearing her bath towel. When she came back to her room she closed the door and sat on her bed,

"You truly look pretty"

When she heard the voice in her room she was shocked and got up taking her sword up which was near her bed and asked,

"Who is that??"

When she saw the face of that person she was shocked since she never expected to see him here.

"It's your boyfriend so don't worry and put that sword down"

"....What are you doing here??"

"Me?? I'm here in my girlfriend's room to give her something??"

"What do you mean by girlfriend?? I still didn't agree to anything yet"

"Well if you wanted to reject me you would have done so in the dungeon itself and seeing that you still didn't shout and alert your Familia means you don't want me to get caught and care about me... so that can only mean that you have feelings for me.... And naturally, since we have feelings for each other you're my girlfriend"


"So, what's your decision going to be??"

"…..I…Don't kn-"

Before she could even finish her sentence he got up and pulled her waist close to him and asked while their lips were just inches away from each other,

"Do you truly believe that??"


"What do you truly want?? If you say no, then I won't ever ask you again. So tell me what do you want?"

When he asked her that question she just kept quiet, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He hugged her tighter and kissed her back. With her slightly wet hair and only a towel as the barrier between them, he couldn't suppress himself and took off one of his hands from her waist and started to grope her boobs.

"Aaa…..Don't!!" (*moan sfx)

"Don't worry, no one will hear us so you can moan as much as you want"

After he came to her room he had cast the same space and time barrier which he used when he was with Freya so that no sound would escape from the room along with time dilation and alarm function in case anyone enters.

After kissing and groping her for a while he asked her,

"So Aiz Wallenstein do you want to be my woman??"

"I…. I want to but..."

"But what??"

"But I can't be like a normal girl, I have to get stronger.... So that I can get revenge"

"On whom??"

"On the black dragon. It killed my father and also sealed my mother"

"I see. I'm sorry to hear about that"

"No, it's fine. But like I said I have to get stronger... and I can't let anyone stop me from that"

"Well I have no problem with that, in fact as you already know, one of my dreams is to become the strongest in the world."

"About your dreams... Is it true that you have other women besides me??" she asked in a low voice with a blush on her face that it made her look soo cute.

"Hahaha...I won't lie to you, so yes I have other women besides you and I want to create a harem. So let me ask you again, Aiz Wallenstein are you willing to be my girlfriend?"

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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》