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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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1 Death

In a house in England an old man was lying on his bed, beside him are children and adults. The adults and children were crying, but for different reasons adults because they were about to lose a family member and children because their parents are crying.

The old man seeing this situation had a kind smile on his face "do not cry, you must smile, I have always taught you to face the difficulties of life with a smile on your face." The old man said without letting the smile leave his face.

Even saying this his children did not stop crying, the eldest son approaches the bed of the father he takes the hand of and looks deep into the eyes of his father.

"Dad do not worry I'll take care of the whole family, just like you did for us I will not let anything lack indoors." Said the eldest son with unshakable resolve in his eyes.

In the same way that the eldest son approaches his father, he is different from his brother while his brother can remain calm in this situation he can not. He is in tears but somehow he has found the strength to speak.

"Father I know that I was an ungrateful son, I was always selfish and narcissistic I do not deserve the love you gave me, so I ask that you forgive me.Every time I've been rude to you, every time I I have shown disdain for your lifestyle, I beg your sincere apologies. " You could notice in the expression of the youngest that he was disgusted with himself, as he said he did nothing to receive such a generous father.

The father seeing the two children this way finally let his smile fall, he now had a deep expression he is looking directly at the two children.

"Kagami, I know for sure that you will take care of the family you have always been the most responsible and intelligent of my children, but never stop searching for what makes you happy if you give up your happiness to take care of the family I will be extremely disappointed with you." He makes sure that Kagami has confirmed, and looks directly at his youngest son.

"Kuroko, do not blame yourself for your actions in the past you were young and immature, look at you now, you are the man that I always wanted you to be a fair and kind man.And if you really will blame yourself after my death so do something that makes me proud in the other world. "

When Kuroko heard this he could not take it anymore and cried all he had, Kagami seeing it hugged his brother and comforted him.

The old man was already close to dying, he could feel his breathing getting weaker, his eyes were losing focus until he finally stopped breathing.

When Kuroko saw his father die something inside him broke, he never thought he depended so much on his father. He could only utter a desperate cry.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, father please come back, do not leave me." Kuroko was struggling in his brother's chest.

Kagami seeing the state of the brother stood there silently hugging him, he did not shed tears from start to finish but no one knew how much he is suffering inside him. For Kagami his father was everything but he has the responsibility of being the pillar of the whole family, so he has to be firm even now.


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