Breaking the Limits
2 Proud of a father
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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2 Proud of a father

"Seiya my son, I waited a long time to see you." A powerful voice spoke.

Seiya at this voice looked at the person who called him, a middle-aged man with red hair, blue eyes and a body that radiates power.

"Son ?, Should not I be dead? As far as I know my father has abandoned me and I'm not as handsome as you, so why are you calling me a son?" Seiya was really worried, imagine waking up in a strange place with a strange person calling you son.

"Calm down, I am the father of all of the universe and the multiverse many call me God. It is true you died but by your actions during life I can not end up with such a beautiful soul." When God spoke about Seiya he had a look of a father looking at his son at the graduation party, a proud look and a little arrogant.

Seiya understood nothing of what this 'God' meant, if he is not going to die then what will happen to him?

"I'm proposing an agreement for you, you can realize your greatest dream while I just want to watch your journey to achieve that goal."

Now Seiya was interested, his biggest dream was always to be free, he always wanted to do anything without connecting to the judgment of others. That's why even in old age he watched with his grandchildren animes, he loved to see those characters face the whole world to achieve their dreams.

"So how are you going to do this?" Seiya asked, he still had suspicions about this man but what good to complain, he is already dead.

"I normally can not reincarnate mortals but you are different, you have accumulated during your life an immense amount of karma until after your death your karma only increases.This is happening because of your last words in the world, your children have become excellent people Kagami became the most renowned doctor in the world, he invented the cure for various diseases and Kuroko created the most important NGO in the world. "

Seiya was shocked, he always knew his kids would do great things around the world but he never imagined it would be so much.

"Okay, my kids are great but what it has to do with me."

"His last words to his children changed them, Kagami is still the pillar of the family but he never threw away the dream of becoming a great doctor and Kuroko, even with all the regrets he has, he still did his best to make you proud. "

Seiya felt hot inside, he had exterminating kids so that he feels extreme pride and accomplishment.

"So let's talk about business, you have 4 wishes but do not ask for anything exaggerated I can not change the balance of the multiverse."


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