Breaking the Limits
3 Wishes
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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3 Wishes

Seiya considered what he could ask very meticulously, he has the dream of being free but for that he needs power.

"My first wish, I want you to erase all my memories just leave the memories about the anime and the novels I read." After much consideration Seiya made his first wish.

God was surprised, he never thought Seiya would ask to erase his memories. From what he knows all mortals would like to keep their memories.

"May I ask why you want to erase your memories?" God asked with a frown.

"How can I be free if I cling to my past, then the best solution is to remove my memories." Seiya replied with a broad smile on her face.

"Your desire may be granted, but as you will not go through the flow of Samsara you will still retain its essence."

"My second wish, I want to reincarnate in the world of TDG in an aristocratic family." Seiya's smile widened, this is the novel he liked most while he was alive.

"Desire can be granted, ask for your next wish."

"My third wish, I want a cultivation technique."

God was disappointed, he thought Seiya was mocking his face. So far he has not asked for anything difficult, 'I AM THE FUCK OF THE GOD OF MULTIVERSSO ASK SOMETHING DIFFICULT.'

"You have some technique in mind, I can give any technique to you."

"You can choose for me, I am counting on your benevolence to give me a good cultivation technique." Seiya spoke with a respectful tone.

"My last wish, I want an artificial intelligence that serves as a guide and that I can buy things like clothes and food. I want to adapt as quickly as possible to my new universe."

God was now fuming with anger, he thought that the last wish was going to be something to shake the sky and the earth but he only wants a guide.

"You know you could have asked for things beyond imagination, things that would make the world bow before you, but you just asked for these little things, why?" God's face is completely red with anger.

Seiya hearing what God said he can not help but smile, which made God even more irritated.

"I do not want to dominate, I want to be free equal to the sea how can I make friends if all of them will fear me? How can I get true love if she only stays with me because I'm strong? How can I be free if I stay hostage of my own power? " A gentle smile is on Seiya's face.

After hearing his response all the anger God had left, now he realized that he chose the right person to entertain him.

"But since you think the wishes were easy, I'd like to ask for two more."

"Do as long as they are normal desires I'll grant."

"I want to have the appearance of Yato from Noragami, and I want to reach the universe 5 years before Nie Li reincarnate and of course I want to be the same age as Nie Li."

"So you do not want to start as a baby, okay your wishes are very easy if I only gave it to you I would be mocking to the other gods, so for your 3rd wish I'm going to give a body cultivation technique and a soul cultivation technique.For your fourth wish you will also be able to buy manuals of everything you can imagine. " God spoke with a powerful voice, after he spoke a light struck Seiya.

"So goodbye, I hope to never see you again." After Seiya said that he disappeared from the place.


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