Breaking the Limits
4 Ming Zi
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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4 Ming Zi

In a mansion in the city of glory a couple is around a young man, the young man is lying on the bed.

"Will our son be well?" who spoke was a woman next to her husband, the woman has long black hair and red eyes, her face can only be defined as flawless.

"Sure dear, the doctor said he just needs to get some rest." The man spoke trying to calm his wife, he is a tall man with red hair and blue eyes.

This man is the patriarch of the Ming family, Ming Fam, next to him is his wife Ming Sue.

The Ming family is highly respected in the city of glory, it is not only more powerful than the three great families, because of that a few days ago a group of assassins tried to kill their son but fortunately one of the guards saw the killer and captured him.

The Ming family could not lose his son Ming Zi he is a rare genius, the color of his soul is blue which means that he is a genius among geniuses.

After a few hours of waiting Ming Zi finally woke up, before he could recover his mother had already run to give a hug.

"Son are you okay ?, Is it hurting somewhere?" Ming Sue spoke with a super worried expression.

Ming Zi who was still confused suddenly received a barrage of memory of this body.

"I'm fine, Mom, I just need to get some rest, I need air too, so let go of the hug." Ming Zi spoke with a warm smile on his face.

"Then we'll leave, when you're fully recovered come and see me." It was Ming Fam who spoke now, even though he did not let it appear he was very worried about his son.

After his parents left Ming Zi can finally be left alone, he needed to analyze all his memories calmly.

First he looked at the cultivation techniques that God gave him, the techniques were simply amazing with these techniques he will definitely be on top of this world.


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