Breaking the Limits
5 Important chapter
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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5 Important chapter

This is not a chapter, but it is here that I will better explain the cultivation techniques and the skills he will use in fanfiction.

1st Body Strengthening Technique: It is a technique divided into four levels, this technique trains only the body and it is also extremely torturous, practicing this technique the user increases the speed of recovery and increases the physical strength.

• Body without impurities: this is the basic level of technique, it takes the soul force and instead of storing it in the realm of the soul it stores in the body, this causes all the impurities of the body to come out naturally. He has to move the force of the soul 1000 times to complete that level. (At the end of this level he can lift 3000kg of weight.)

• Bone refining: at this level the user uses the soul force to break down and recover the bones quickly, each time he breaks and rebuilds a bone that bone gets stronger. At this level the user has to break every bone 30,000 times to complete this level. (At the end of this level he can lift 50,000 pounds on his body.)

• Refining the muscles: this level is the most excruciating of all, the user has to maintain the maximum of soul force within his body, the soul force was not made to stay inside a person's body then the strength of the soul will rip and tear all the muscles of the user, the technique will heal the body so the soul force continue to destroy the muscles. This torture can not be stopped once he starts that level he can not stop until he finishes the level, he has to keep the soul force inside his body for a month. (At the end of this level he will be able to raise 150,000kg and his recovery speed will be tripled.)

• refining of the organs: it is basically the same thing as the cultivation of the muscles, what changes is that all his organs gain an improvement of 100 times for example the brain, which can process information extremely fast and understand things faster. (At the end of this level he can raise 300,000kg, and the recovery rate has increased by 100 times.)

SKILLS: These are the techniques he will use to inspire other animes.

HAKI: He is able to use the three types of Haki, Haki is going to be mostly a defense technique. With the Haki of the armament he will defend himself from blows and with the observation Haki he will avoid blows.

SHUNSHIN NO JUTSU: It is a high speed movement technique, allowing it to move from a short to a long distance at an almost undetectable speed. It is performed using chakra to temporarily vitalize the body and move at extreme speeds, but it will replace by profund energy.

SWORD: His main weapon will be the sword, with the number of animes he watched, he knows that swordplay also has levels.


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