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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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6 Money

After seeing the cultivation techniques, he took a look at the guide.

"Guide tell me what you can do and what you can give me, and I'll call you Merlin." Ming Zi spoke into his mind.

[I can show you the location of anything in this world, I can also provide clothes and food these two items are given to the user for free, and I also have the store section where you can buy manuals.] A robotic voice sounded in Ming Zi's mind.

This function of picking up clothes would be of great use since these traditional clothes are very difficult to wear.

"I get some starter pack just like those protagonists?" Ming Zi spoke with a hint of hope.

[Yes host has won the intermediate alchemy manual and 10,000 of the store. Host wants to collect the reward?]

"Yes." After speaking this a book appeared in the hands of Ming Zi, he wasted no time and began to read the book.

In the book contained the name of various herbs and how they matched well with other materials, also showed how to create pills and use the alchemy furnace.

When he started reading the book he could not stop anymore he was mesmerized by the contents of the book, time passed soon a knock came from his door but he did not call and kept reading the book.

"Young master I brought your breakfast." A maid spoke, she could not enter the young master's room without his permission so she spoke from the other side of the door.

"Leave the food in the room and you can leave, also tell the father that I will stay in isolated cultivation for a month." Ming Zi spoke to her maid without taking her eyes off the book.

Ming Zi was not worried that his father did not believe the lie, Ming Zi was a genius he is already at the 3-star bronze post he really wondered how such a powerful character was not featured in the novel.

And during that month of isolation Ming Zi cared to read and understand the manual of alchemy, he can already differentiate between types of herbs and how to use them with other materials, his theoretical level should already be on the same level as the great elders of the Association of Alchemists.

He finally left the room, his house was huge the house is made in the Chinese style, it has many patios and houses for the guards to stay while he and the main family were in the central courtyard.

Ming Zi went straight to his father's office, arriving there he saw his father sitting with a bunch of old men discussing something.

"Father, I came to visit as you asked," Ming Zi said with a smile on his face.

Ming Fam seeing his son sent the old ones away, now it was just the two of them in the living room the mood was comfortable, since Ming Zi was not pretending to be his son. Ming Zi only had the memories of the time he spent in the city of glory and the animes that he watched in the past life, even he knowing that it is a fiction for him was the only family he had then for him all in this world are real.

"So what you wanted to talk to me, old man." Ming Zi spoke with a mocking smile on his face.

"Oh, now I have to set the time to talk to you, you shit." Ming Fam spoke with a smile just like his son's.

They stared at each other for a while until they could not take it anymore and exploded.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, OLD MAN, CAN YOU STILL USE SARCASM? I THOUGHT THOSE OLD FOXES HAD BECOMING YOU BORING, HAHAHAHAHA." Ming Zi was laughing in the bedroom, his father is doing the same thing.

The relationship between father and son is very special, when they were in public they acted formally with each other but when they were alone they looked like children.

"So Daddy, I want to start my own business, I want him to have no relationship with the family, so I came to borrow money." Ming Zi said.

"I can lend you money but when can you give me back?" Ming Fam was not too worried about this matter, for he is a win win situation if the son succeeds this will prove to the elders that he is mature enough to turn the patriarch and if he fails, at most he lost some money and the elders will never know.

"I need 100,000 spirit coins and I can pay back in two years." Ming Zi spoke with a bright smile.

"Okay, I'll send the money later this afternoon." After hearing his father Ming Zi left the office.


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