Breaking the Limits
7 Making money
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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7 Making money

After receiving the money Ming Zi wasted no time, he first bought all the lands that produced Purple Mist grass and all the stock they had of the grass all cost 80,000 coins of the spirit.

After that he sent a letter to the alchemists' association counting all the use of the Purple Mist grass but he left a seal of a black crow on the card so they could recognize him if he sent another letter, and of course all his purchases were anonymous .

After he bought a warehouse on the outskirts of the city of glory, in that warehouse he will build a forge since he wants to manufacture the weapons he uses but he must first get Merlin coins, the only way to do that is by selling demonic spirits to Merlin and also the prices of the manuals are exorbitant.

POV Association of Alchemists

The association of alchemists was in chaos, out of nowhere an herb that everyone thought was worthless came to be worth more than 300 coins.

The association's director, Yang Xin, wasted no time and ordered to buy as much of the land that grew Purple Mist grass, but unfortunately she received the news that most of the land was already bought by an anonymous person.

No one knew this person, the former owners said he wore a raven mask and strange clothes, so she heard that he wore a raven mask. She knew it was the same person who sent the letter to the association.

"I'm going to let this go because you made a great contribution to the city of glory, but do not think it will happen again." Yang Xin spoke in a furious voice.

                  End POV

After the information about the purple Mist grass was revealed to the public all the families of the city of glory went to the streets to try to buy a little, overnight the purple Mist grass went from 1 spirit coin to 300 coins of the spirit .

Ming Zi before sending the letter to the alchemists association he bought a store that was failing, there he would sell the purple mist grass he also hired some people in the favelas to run the store, the store name is.

'herbal pharmacy.'

After the information was disclosed his shop became a cauldron, all the families of the city of glory sent people to buy the purple mist.

In the first month the store already profited more than 30 million spiritual coins, he alone already had the income of an aristocratic family but he did not stop there, with the money he won he bought more land with herbs of different types and also bought all the stock of these herbs on the market.

In the end he had over 100 kinds of herbs in stock, he has monopoly these herbs in the city of glory so he sent another letter to the alchemists' association.

"This time I'm going to make real money, HAHAHAHA." Ming Zi had a funny smile on his face.


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