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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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8 Date

Association of alchemists

Today the alchemist association again received a letter with a crow seal, who took the letter was the director Yang Xin after reading she was steaming with anger.

The letter basically said that the man who wrote the letter wants to meet her, he also said that he has pills formulas that the association will want.

But who is she? She is the director of the association of alchemists she only loses in power for the elders, but now an unknown person wants to meet her.

Only she had no choice, the alchemists' association has been losing strength over time, now they do not even have 10% of the strength they had before so she decided, even if it's humiliating she'll meet that person.

                   End POV

In an alley near the favela of the city of glory Yang Xin was standing waiting for the man who said he would meet her.

She is wearing a violet dress that highlighted her curves especially her breasts super developed, she did not wear makeup she did not need she was pretty by herself.

After waiting a while she was already losing her cool, until she saw a figure coming towards her he wore a black hat and on his face is a mask of bird connected the mask is a black leather jacket that goes all the way of his ankles, he also wore leather gloves, boots, and a pair of pants he gave a sense of death wherever he went.

"Miss Yang Xin is pleased to finally meet you." That person was clear Ming Zi, he is wearing black plague doctor clothes.

Yang Xin was shocked she had never seen anyone dressed like that, but she soon composed herself 'this person must be an eccentric alchemist'.

"Nice to meet you but I still do not know your name." Yang Xin said trying to find out more about this person.

"HAHAHAHA, you do not need to know my name just call me Black Raven, we're here to talk business." Ming Zi's voice is unrecognizable thanks to the mask that muffles his voice.

"So what you want to negotiate, you could have gone straight to the alchemist association and talked to the elders, why talk directly to me?" Yang Xin was suspicious of that person's intentions, so she put some guards to watch over this spot if he does something suspicious they will capture him.

"You're the only one I trust within the association, and I'm willing to offer 2-pack formulas to the association, of course I want 40% of the profits." Ming Zi spoke in a calm tone.

"And what formulas would these be?"

"These formulas have never been seen before but I'll tell you what they do, the first one is called 'the great soul pill' if a person takes that pill for 4 months the person's culture rate will increase by 10x, person from silver rank to gold in just two months and gold to black gold in four months. "

Yang Xin was horrified by this pill, if they sold this pill the money they would earn would be extraordinary.

"And the second pill is called 'furious body pill', if a person is in a life-and-death situation and using this pill the user's body will break its limits for a time of twenty minutes, this pill even serves for someone in the legend rank. "

Yang Xin's chin dropped, these pills would be of great help to the city of glory if they faced hordes of spiritual beasts.

"I can not make that decision on my own I have to talk to the elders first." Yang Xin may have much power within the association but she can not make such a decision.

"When you make the decision you should go to the 'herbal pharmacy' shop, speak to Hao Hai he's my representative." After talking Ming Zi left.


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