Breaking the Limits
9 Training
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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9 Training

After a while the association of alchemists accepted my request, it was not surprising since they need money and power, after resolving matters with the association he finally resolved to train.

Ming Zi decided to train only the body during those five years before the original plot began, he warned all employees not to mess up he would start cultivating alone.

Ming Zi sat in meditative position and began to collect soul force into his body, in the first level 'Body without impurities' he stores soul force inside the body and circulates that energy, that energy comes out at the end of the cycle in the form of impurities .

Ming Zi was feeling that with each complete energy cycle he grew stronger and his perception was increasing.

This level lasted two months to end, now his body was free of impurities and his strength increased greatly, when he looked at him in the mirror he had a black liquid covering his entire body.

Ming Zi ran straight into the bath, after finishing he looked at himself again in the mirror, his body is full of muscles but not bulky muscles he looked like a swimmer.

Ming Zi could now play in force with a gold rank specialist, this does not mean that he can fight with one that only means that he has physical strength resembling a gold rank specialist.

Because of this he also has to train skills, Ming Zi comes thinking about what skill he should practice, after much consideration he chose Haki because haki is a technique that can evolve with him and will help complete his body culture technique.

To train Haki he decided to bandage for a year, Ming Zi also asked for help to employees employees should beat him or throw things at him every day.

In the beginning it was very difficult since to use the Haki of observation he has to feel the spiritual energy around him and the spiritual energy that people emanate from them.

Armament Haki is easier to use, it only has to manifest his life force so during two months he basically used the weaponry Haki to defend from the attacks.

After more than three months blindfolded he finally awakened, the observation Haki, Ming Zi deviated from an attack by one of his butlers at the same time he felt a stone being thrown towards him, quickly he dodged to the left doing with the stone to hit the butler who almost hit him, but the attacks still did not end after deflecting the stone he entered the path of the punch of another employee but he stopped the attack using Haki of the armament in the arm to stop the blow.

Ming Zi's arm was still numb because the butler who attacked him is a 5-star gold rank, but Ming Zi was not annoyed, on the contrary he has a wild smile on his face.

"Now I want everyone to increase the intensity, the number and the force in their movements think of this training as a real battle." Ming Zi's smile was extremely dangerous, even the butlers were afraid but they could not disobey the young master.

The real training started now, Ming Zi did not take the blindfold, he wanted to increase his perception of combat. He has a lot of strength thanks to the technique of body cultivation but he does not know how to use, so that's what this training is for.


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