Breaking the Limits
10 Merlim coins
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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10 Merlim coins

Ming Zi's training lasted longer than he expected, he thought it would only take a year to completely dominate Haki but he was wrong his training lasted two years.

At times during training he increased the difficulty, such as calling specialists from Black Gold rank to assist in training.

After this training Ming Zi already manages to cover the whole body with Haki of the armament, he also can feel all the movements of the opponents with the observation Haki.

During his training, the city of glory had a lot of changes, first the alchemists' association regained its power and a shop became the city's most popular store, the store name is' herbal pharmacy '.

Ming Zi made it a point to hire several experts to protect the store, they are all rank gold or rank black gold.

All the profits that Ming Zi makes with the store are traded for spiritual beasts, he is not worried about spending money like that, since 40% of the profits from the pills he gave to the alchemist association goes to him.

Now he has about thirty million Merlin coins, he can finally buy the manuals he wants.

"Merlin show the list of forge-related manuals." Ming Zi asked with a smile on his face.

[Idiot-level forge manual: 5000MP (Merlim points)

Forging Manual Level Beginner: 30,000MP

Manual forging intermediate level: 100,000MP

Manual forge high level: 1,000,000MP

Manual forge level God: 1,000,000,000MP]

"Merlin buy the forge manuals from the idiot level up to the high level." Ming Zi did not want to buy the level idiot manual but it was necessary, people always have to start from the bottom.

Suddenly hears a light and in Ming Zi's hand were four books, he did not begin to read right away he needed the materials to start so he called Hao Hai to talk.

"Hao Hai I want you to buy all the materials to build a forge, also buy the best metals available in the market." Ming Zi spoke with a gentle smile on his face, Hao Hai was the first person he hired when he opened the store and he is also the person Ming Zi trusts the most.

Hao Hai is an old man of 60 years, he looks like an ordinary old man he has long gray hair and a completely white beard.

"Yes young master your order will be completed as soon as possible, but where do you want to assemble the forge?" Hao Hai asked.

"I have a warehouse on the outskirts of the city of glory mount the forge there."

After discussing some more details about the forge Hao Hai left.

"Now I have three years until the original storyline begins, I think it's best to dedicate myself to the forge." Ming Zi spoke with a relaxed smile on his face.


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