Breaking the Limits
11 Manual
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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11 Manual

Ming Zi is standing in front of a warehouse, this is the warehouse where he ordered Hao Hai to build the forge and after a month is finally complete.

Ming Zi before coming to the warehouse spoke with his father, he said he was going to be out for three years and he also paid back the loan his father gave him.

After looking inside the site Ming Zi took out the idiot-level forge manual and began to read.

This is a completely theoretical manual, this book does not teach the person to forge, this book teaches everything you need to know before you begin to forge weapons, how to temperature certain metals melt, what metals you can fuse with others and levels of the metals, the best fuels for the forge and how to use the oven.

The metals are divided into ten levels, the best metal that Ming Zi had available is a level six, unfortunately the only type of fuel he encountered was coal and wood.

Ming Zi took a week to read and understand all the content in the idiot level forge manual, the book simply had a lot of content, after finishing the first book Ming Zi went straight to the forging level manual beginner.

The beginner's book teaches at last to make weapons, Ming Zi had made drawings of different weapons, with daggers, swords, spears and axes.

Ming Zi wasted no time, he started the process of making a dagger in the beginning was going okay but getting near the end he raised the temperature too much, which resulted in a weak and cracked dagger.

Ming Zi knew that the beginning would be difficult, so he did not shake when he missed the first time, without wasting time he tried again, and again he failed.

Ming Zi continued to make weapons, at first he made several mistakes but over time these mistakes were slowing, until finally he managed to make a perfect beginner level weapon, he made a dagger.

After the first hit he continued to make more weapons, each weapon has its difficulty levels so he still misses some weapons but after a few tries he could make a perfect weapon.

Now that Ming Zi was able to make perfect beginner level weapons he switched to the middle level forge manual.

Only the beginner level forge manual has taken more than a year for it to complete, he can not even imagine how long it will take for him to master the mid-level manual.


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