Breaking the Limits
13 Friend
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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13 Friend

After reading just a little bit of the intermediate level forging manual Ming Zi was already having headache, he was sure that to master the intermediate level manual will take more than two years but he did not get discouraged, unlike he was again with that wild smile he showed in training.

In fact, Ming Zi did not know why, but whenever a difficult situation arose in front of him he was excited, 'this must be my past self, that bastard should have been a masochist.'

The mid-level manual showed various techniques for making weapons, new ways to use the furnace, how to make inscriptions on weapons, and how to use soul force to shape the metal the way it wants.

He used the same method he used in the manual of initiators, Ming Zi first tried to make a dagger.

The dagger was supposed to have an inscription of flames but when he was putting the inscription on the dagger it suddenly exploded, if Haki's observation had not warned him he might have lost a limb.

After this experience Ming Zi had an idea, why not use the observation Haki to forge?

Ming Zi did not waste time he started the process of forging a dagger again, this time it was much easier the whole process of creating the weapon with the observation Haki he can feel the whole area around him better then he knows when the oven is at the right temperature while he is preparing the application, it is as if he had two people working.

In the end he still could not make the dagger with the inscription of flames but at least the weapon did not explode in his face.

After discovering that Haki can also help him in the forge he started working double, after more than three months he managed to make a dagger with inscription of flames but he did not want just that, he started to make different weapons with different patterns of inscription after being able to make any kind of weapon with registration patterns on them he increased the difficulty.

Ming Zi now wanted to make weapons with more than one inscription pattern, while he was making the weapons his Haki of observation improved now he can feel everything in one Km away.

Time no longer mattered to him inside the forge, he only went out there to do the necessities but all the time he had he was making weapons, until at last he was able to make a weapon with five inscription patterns this is a weapon that if it were sold at some auction in the city of glory all the families would fight to have that weapon.

"Young master today is the day to enter the Sacred Orchid Institute." Hao Hai suddenly appeared inside the warehouse, he was accompanied by a young man of the same age as Ming Zi, this young man has brown hair and brown eyes, he is 1.65m tall.

"Oh, Hao Hai you're finally here look at that spear I made, that's my best weapon so far." Ming Zi was with a crazy smile on his face, two years ago he started the intermediate level manual and he finally mastered the book.

Hao Hai did not comment anything, for him Ming Zi is an amazing person because whenever Ming Zi starts something he does not stop until he finishes this is a quality he has seen in few people throughout his life.

"Young master I would like to introduce you to my grandson, Hao Tian, ​​I hope you can get along." Hao Hai said pointing to his grandson.

After listening to Hao Hai, Ming Zi finally took his eyes off the spear he is now looking directly at Hao Tian with a big smile on his face.

                  Hao Tian POV

Today I start at the Sacred Orchid Institute I am very excited, but before I go to the grandfather called me to meet someone.

My grandfather is the nicest person I know, before he worked in the 'herbal pharmacy' we lived in the favelas.

My father and mother abandoned me when I was born but my grandfather, with all the love the world took care of me he did all kinds of work to feed me until finally he got a good job.

When we arrived at the warehouse where he would introduce me to this person I thought he would be some friend of his tea but I was surprised to open the door and see a young man of my age holding a spear with a crazy look in his eyes and a smile still more crazy.

"Young master today is the day to enter the Sacred Orchid Institute." My grandfather with a respectful expression on his face, I have never seen my grandfather with that expression before.

The young man neither looked at us, he is looking at that spear as if it was the only thing in the world for him, I was also fascinated by the spear the gun is about 1,30m high the body of the spear is made of a metal blood red, the spear blade is completely black with some things drawn in gold.

"Oh, Hao Hai you're finally here look at that spear I made, that's my best weapon so far." The boy spoke with a tone of pride in his voice.

"Young master I would like to introduce you to my grandson, Hao Tian, ​​I hope you can get along." My grandfather spoke with a big smile on his face, it seems he knows something I do not know.

Immediately after my grandfather spoke the boy turned his head, when he saw me he had a big smile on his face before I could say anything he appeared in front of me.

I'm shocked, this person must be very powerful to be able to move at that speed, at least he's much stronger than me and he's the same age as me.

"Pleasure to meet, I am Ming Zi I am thirteen I like to look at the clouds, chocolate cake and beautiful women I do not like people more beautiful than me, people hypocrites even though I am sometimes and I do not like either that people call me a young master. " He spoke the last part looking at my grandfather.

I have to admit this was the strangest presentation I've ever heard and this is also the strangest person I've ever seen, but strangely I think it's cool.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Hao Tian I'm also thirteen I like to read, sleep and beautiful women I do not like bitter things and people who wake me early in the morning." I also spoke the last part looking at my grandfather.

Ming Zi laughed at what I said, looking more closely now, he's very different from the people I've met so far starting with his clothes, he wears a shirt which is no longer normal and the shirt is written 'I ♥ ️ NY' he also wears knee-length shorts with flowers drawn on it.

"You're my first friend here, HAHAHAHA, now my father and Hao Hai will stop saying I'm anti-social." He spoke with a victorious smile on his face.

I could only smile ironically this guy is really eccentric.

"Let's go if we're not late for the first day of class." He spoke and started walking out of the warehouse.

"And whose fault would that be?" I spoke up but he did not even turn his head.


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