Breaking the Limits
14 Popcorn
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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14 Popcorn

Sacred Orchid Institute, class of Apprentice Fighters.

Ming Zi is sitting next to Hao Tian, in front of the room Shen xiu was giving her arrogant and elitist speech but this was not in the interest of Ming Zi. Because not long ago his Haki of observetion recorded a mini soul force explosion in the room if it were not Haki he would never have noticed this phenomenon.

He is now looking at a boy with orange hair and blue eyes with a smile.

Hao Tian saw his friend smiling at someone, he thought he was going to be a pretty girl but he was just an ordinary guy.

"Hey, you did not say you liked girls .... I DO NOT BELIEVE you fooled me." Hao Tian looked like he had discovered a new continent. "Dude, I know I'm pretty, but I really like girls, you're cool but you really do not." Hao Tian spoke in a tired voice, it was as if he had tried to refuse a girl who declared his love for him.

Ming Zi slapped a little more force than he should into Hao Tian's head, this slap created a bump in his head.

"You just talk shit, I was staring at him because he's an interesting person." Ming Zi spoke with a smile on his face. 'Finally interesting things will happen.' Ming Zi spoke in his mind.

"Why are you explaining yourself, you did nothing wrong, it only makes things more suspicious, very suspicious." Hao Tian had his arms around him as if he were going to be harassed at any time.

After this interaction between Ming Zi and Hao Tian things happened just like the original but suddenly Ming Zi had an idea.

"Merlin I want popcorn." After saying that a bucket of popcorn appeared in the hands of Ming Zi, his theory proved concrete it is much better to see this discussion eating popcorn.

"Hey, what kind of a friend are you? You should offer the good things to your friends." Hao Tian looked indignant, but even so he reached into the bucket of popcorn.

The discussion between Nie Li and Shen xiu was strange after seeing that I was eating popcorn, they thought they were in a circus and they were the main attractions but that did not stop things from happening as in the original.

Nie Li and her friends ended up standing and the bet remained the same.

"Hey let's go there too, it's going to be more fun than staying here." Ming Zi spoke with a wicked smile on his face.

"Are you crazy? Standing with them is the same as going against the teacher." Hao Tian spoke almost screaming at Ming Zi.

"You've never heard the expression, 'the crazy ones live longer' there's nothing there that she can teach me and by the time I know your grandfather he must have made you learn all the content of the year in a month." Ming Zi got up and went to the corner of the room with Nie Li's group, he did not even wait for Hao Tian's response.

"My grandfather always said to stay away from strange people but he introduced me to the king of strangers, that troublesome, very troublesome." Hao Tian was complaining all the way to Nie Li's group.

When Shen Xiu saw two more people going to the corner she did not care, until she recognized one of the people this young master of the Ming family. She just did not understand why such an influential person would choose to stand on the side of the commoners, the room also noticed Ming Zi and they were also surprised.

"Hey, this is not the young Master Ming, because he's with plebeians." A young random master spoke.

"You do not know? Young Master Ming's best friend is a commoner, it seems he wants to represent his friend." Another young random master spoke.

Ming Zi did not care for the comments of these people, he had his reasons for staying with Nie Li's group.

Shen Xiu thought that Ming Zi was trying to demoralize her, since he going to the corner of the room is the same that he did not see her as a teacher but she could not attack him directly, so she decided to attack his friend.

"So Hao Tian, ​​a mere cultivator with an orange soul kingdom dare challenge me. You must really be relying on your friend who is a noble, really commoners will always be commoners." Shen Xiu spoke with arrogance and disdain.

Hao Tian did not care much he was ready to face criticism from people when he decided to be friends with Ming Zi, but that does not mean that Ming Zi was not angry.

Suddenly overwhelming pressure consumed the entire classroom, the smile that is always present on Ming Zi's face disappeared.

"Professor Shen Xiu I accept you talking shit since I entered this classroom, I just came to this class because I had nothing to do at home I'm much smarter than you and I'm only thirteen but I I've never said it out loud, I've never said bad things about your holy family or the idiots you call heirs but until I have limits and they are, NEVER speak bad or hurt a friend of mine, NEVER say that some man can be more beautiful that I and lastly NEVER fall in love with the woman I like. " The students were pale with the pressure that Ming Zi is issuing, even Nie Li got a little scared.

"You crossed the line once and only once will I forgive your sin." Ming Zi finished speaking as soon as he arrived in Nie Li's group, his characteristic smile returned to his face.

Hao Tian was happy with the attitude of his friend, this proved that he did not make the wrong choice when he resolved to be friends with him.

Shen Xiu was embarrassed she felt real fear of the pressure that Ming Zi sent but the most she could do is continue the class as if nothing had happened.


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