Breaking the Limits
15 Friendship
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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15 Friendship

Ming Zi and Hao Tian arrived in Nie Li's group, everyone in the group was looking at strange to them mainly to Ming Zi they saw that this person is very strong but they do not understand why he would join their group.

Ming Zi did not bother with their looks, he wrapped his arms around the shoulders of Lu Piao and Du Ze he had a big smile on his face.

"You guys are really amazing, having the guts to follow a crazy man is rare these days, HAHAHAHA." Ming Zi said he is really happy, since he woke up in this world he made almost no friend but now he has the chance to do several.

"Hey, let me go, I'm not gay." The first to react was Lu Piao, he really did not like being touched by men.

"I also think I'm too brave to follow that person." Du Ze said this by looking at Nie Li but he still had a smile on his face, Du Ze did not care for Ming Zi's excess of intimacy for Du Ze by the time Ming Zi got up for the commoners he became friends with.

"Hey, who are you calling a crazy man? And you're even crazier than me, who was the idiot who threatened the teacher in front of the whole room?" Nie Li spoke with a smile, when he first saw Ming Zi he was scared because in the first life of Nie Li the young master of the Ming family was murdered by the guild of darkness, this caused the Ming family to lose part of its power since Ming Zi has a kingdom of the blue soul, but this loss of power did not make them afraid to face the hordes of beasts that invaded the city of glory, on the contrary the Ming family was one of those that fought most during that battle. 'It seems that after I got back on time some things have changed.' Nie Li spoke into his head.

"Hey, what did you guys think of my menacing face, it was really badass of me to be in the middle of the room and threaten the teacher, HAHAHAHA, it's no use I'm too awesome I'm surprised to myself." Ming Zi spoke in an extremely narcissistic tone.

Now it was the turn of Hao Tian to slap Ming Zi's head.

"You fucking messed up just more trouble for us." Hao Tian could be reprimanding Ming Zi but inside he was laughing.

Lu Piao and Du Ze found Ming Zi a fun guy, he did not look at all those young masters who disdain everyone else he seemed more a free person who does not care what people think of him, they really liked the vibe that Ming Zi passes is a refreshing vibe.

"Hey you said you like a girl, who is she so I never try to look at her." Lu Piao said, he really did not want to fall in love with the same woman that Ming Zi this would only bring trouble.

"I like Xiao Ning'er." Ming Zi spoke without a shred of shame, he always liked Ning'er when he was reading TDG but she was poorly exploited by the author, in TDG she looks like a soulless person who only lives to please Nie Li.

"Dude, you really look out loud, but for you it should not be impossible unlike this guy here who is in love with Ye Ziyun." Lu Piao spoke pointing at Nie Li.

"Nothing is impossible for a passionate heart, I believe that Nie Li will make Ye Ziyun fall in love with him. Look at Nie Li even though he is not as beautiful as I am he is still more interesting than these young annoying masters." Ming Zi spoke with a funny smile on his face, he already knew that Nie Li will get Ye Ziyun.

"Hey, I'm cute too, stop being so narcissistic." Nie Li spoke with an indignant expression.

"Do not care much, he's like that since the time I met him, a crazy, narcissist." Hao Tian spoke in a tired voice.

"But how are you going to solve the gambling problem?" Ming Zi spoke with a wry smile.

"That's very easy all we need is money." Nie Li did not care for the irony in Ming Zi's words, he had a confident smile on his face.

"If the question is money then I can solve this, you should not know anymore I'm a very rich young master." Ming Zi spoke with a confident smile on his face, but soon he received another slap in the head but this time was Du Ze.

"Stop being so presumptuous, but if you really can help with the money then that's fine." Du Ze spoke with a smile.

After discussing how much money Ming Zi needed was paid, they also decided to meet in the Ming Zi warehouse to test the soul realm and soul form.

Before Nie Li left, Ming Zi called him to talk.

"Nie Li you seem like a guy who knows things, so I came to ask if you know any way to cure Arctic disease? A friend has this problem but I do not know how to help him." Ming Zi could not directly ask Nie Li how to do the daoyin technique.

Nie Li did not suspect anything, Ming Zi actually did not lie at all so he did not look like a liar when he asked.

Nie Li wrote a lot of herbal names and the way to do the Daoyin technique for Ming Zi.

Ming Zi trained for two days the daoyin technique, it was not too difficult to learn in the end Nie Li's group scheduled to meet only in four days so he had time to sort things out with Ning'er.

Ming Zi did not want Ning'er to suffer for much longer then he rushed to learn the technique, he also did not want Ning'er to be like the original that was an existence that lived only to please the person who helped her Ming Zi wanted to find out the true feelings of Ning'er, what she likes, what she hates, what kind of music she drown he wanted to know these trivial things.


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