Breaking the Limits
16 Meeting
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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16 Meeting


I'm going to the training camps of the school, today was my first day at the institute and I have to admit that the class was agitated, especially when the young master of the Ming family threatened a member of the sacred family.

This boy is quite interesting, everything about him is unique from the way he behaves to the way he dresses, I do not know what got into me but I felt interested in someone for the first time in my life.

Unfortunately I can not afford to relieve my training to talk to a boy I do not know, I have to end this marriage between my family and the holy family but even this is being difficult.

It's been some time since I've been having unbearable pains at night, it's like my legs are burning but I have to put up with it, I'm almost in the bronze rank.

I finally got to the place where I always train but I was surprised with what I found there, in a tree was lying a boy he wears a black sweatshirt with a symbol of a crown on the left side, black pants and brown boots, he has a beautiful face and black hair this person is the young master of the Ming family, Ming Zi.

When I was going to walk away to find another place to train he opened his eyes, and at that moment I was fascinated it was as if those bright blue eyes illuminated the place.

"Sorry, I'm leaving now." He spoke with a bright smile on his face.

"You were here first so I should leave." I talked.

                     End POV

"HAHAHAHA, if you want to leave and I want to leave then who will stay in this place?" Ming Zi spoke with a bright smile on his face.

Xiao Ning'er was blushing with embarrassment, but she still tried to keep a serious facade on her face.

"Do not worry I just came here to breathe some fresh air, you can train at will." Ming Zi spoke unconcerned. Xiao Ning'er did not respond to him.

Ming Zi was walking out of the training camp when he suddenly stopped, he turned around again and looked seriously at Xiao Ning'er, he was looking more closely at her legs.

Xiao Ning'er seeing his gaze frowned, she thinks the look he's giving her is very rude but when she was going to tell him to stop Ming Zi interrupted her.

"You really have the Arctic disease, you should feel your legs catching fire by nightfall, it must be hard for you to train your soul force because your body is extremely cold." Ming Zi spoke in a worried voice.

Xiao Ning'er is shocked this is a secret that neither his relatives know, so there is no way he has sent spies to her house.

"So I'm sick but what does this disease in the Arctic do, and does this disease have a cure?" Xiao Ning'er said in a desperate tone, she is already facing these pains for a long time.

"You have not entered the Bronze 1-star level yet, but once you do, at best you will become seriously ill and your crop will be greatly reduced. In the worst case scenario, you will die." Ming Zi spoke in a low tone.

Xiao Ning'er was almost crying now. 'then all my effort was for nothing, my fate is really shit all my effort went to waste and I'm still going to be sold to that human garbage, Shen Fei.' she spoke into her head, Xiao Ning'er was almost in despair, but Ming Zi's next words relieved her.

"There should be some bruising on your body. The Daoyin technique should be used to massage the affected areas, dissipating the bruise. A remedy made from the combination of the Golden Strip Grass and the Imperial Sky Grass should be consumed daily with situation for about a month. " Ming Zi spoke with a warm smile on his face.

Xiao Ning'er breathed relief, she could finally get rid of these pains, she still decided to ask Ming Zi. "Ming Zi do you know the Daoyin technique?"

Ming Zi did not take the smile from his face and replied. "Sure, but the technique needs to contact the body if you're comfortable I can do for you." Ming Zi was not ashamed in the face when he said this, he is not equal to Nie Li that Ming Zi likes Xiao Ning'er so he will do everything to get closer to her.

Xiao Ning'er bowed his head and said, "I do not care.Wouldn't you just be treating me? I do not want to become useless."

That last sentence that Xiao Ning'er said was to comfort himself.

Ming Zi's smile only increased, he did not waste time and went to do the massage in Xiao Ning'er he started with the bruise on top of her foot, during the massage she sometimes let out a moan which made the face of Xiao Ning 'er getting redder and Ming Zi's smile getting wider.

"Okay, if you have any more bruises tell me." It was amazing how Ming Zi's smile could increase so much, he was enjoying himself very much with this situation.

Xiao Ning'er was the complete opposite of Ming Zi, she was extremely exciting to show him the other hematoma but she had no choice if this disease continue she will become a cripple.

"I still have one more." Xiao Ning'er began to undo the buttons of the shirt, after undoing the fifth button her body was revealed to Ming Zi.

Ming Zi stopped smiling he did not want to let Xiao Ning'er more uncomfortable with this situation, so he just focused on treating her injury.

After Ming Zi finished treatment Xiao Ning'er felt much better, she wanted to thank Ming Zi but she did not know how.

Ming Zi saw the expression of Xiao Ning'er and deduced what she was thinking. "Miss Xiao do not think my treatment is for free." He spoke with a mischievous smile on his face.

"So what do you want in return for treatment?" Xiao Ning'er would do anything to pay for it.

" A date." Ming Zi said.

Xiao Ning'er had no reaction, she was very shocked. "What did you say?"

"I like you, so I want to have a date with you. Do you accept?" Ming Zi's smile did not leave his face.

" Yes." Xiao Ning'er did not know why she accepted the invitation, but she felt she would regret it if she did not accept it.

"So when I say 'it's time' you have to drop everything you're doing and go out with me, that way it's going to be more fun.


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