Breaking the Limits
17 Class
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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17 Class

In the Apprentice Fighters class, Ming Zi and his group were talking without calling class.

"Hey, do you buy the soul crystals?" Ming Zi asked the group, today they would meet to see the attribute and the shape of the soul of each one.

"Yes, we'll meet up today after school." Nie Li spoke with a smile on her face.

"Now the most important thing, Nie Li has been coming to school for a week and you have not made any moves on Ye Ziyun yet, why?" Ming Zi asked with a smile on his face.

"I can not get to her all of a sudden and say 'Hi you want to go out with me?', And who are you to talk about me you did not make any moves on Xiao Ning'er either." Nie Li spoke with an angry face, he has been thinking of various ways to approach Ye Ziyun but he has not yet found a good way to do this.

"You think too much, look like a master does." After Ming Zi said this he started walking towards Xiao Ning'er, the group's eyes were about to fall out of their heads they thought the same thing 'is this madman really going to do this?'

While Ming Zi was walking several students also noticed that he was heading towards Xiao Ning'er.

"Is he really going to speak to the goddess Ning'er?" A commoner said that he was dumbfounded.

"No use doing it, the goddess Ning'er never let a man approach her." Another person spoke, he was hoping for Ming Zi to get sick.

Even as people listened to him, Ming Zi still had a confident smile on his face, he finally reached where Xiao Ning'er was sitting and he crouched to be about the same height as her.

"Hi, do you want to sit next to me and my group?" Ming Zi asked with a beautiful smile on his face.

Xiao Ning'er's face was completely red, she had made breakfast for him but she did not have the courage to walk up to his group. " Yes." She accepted it almost immediately.

Everyone in the room was shocked, mostly Nie Li because Ming Zi used almost the same phrase he said to call Xiao Ning'er, 'do I really think too much?' Nie Li for the first time reincarnated he felt doubt.

Ming Zi returned to the group with Xiao Ning'er, they were all sitting on the ground since the punishment of Shen Xiu is still worth but Xiao Ning'er did not care she just wanted to be close to Ming Zi.

"PLEASE MASTER, TEACH ME YOUR DIVINE ARTS." Lu Piao shouted at the top of his lungs, he also wanted a girlfriend.

"Disciple Lu Piao how you have been a good student to your master, your master will be benevolent and will teach you my art." Ming Zi spoke as if he were a God saving the soul of a mortal.

"PLEASE MASTER, DISCIPLE IS LISTENING" Lu Piao was excited, if he really learn anything he will get a lot of girls on his foot, maybe he will become a king of the harem.

"My disciple, if you are ashamed to do something you will never do this thing, abandon the shame be a shameless man. Go to the girl you want and say what you want, only then you will learn my divine arts." Ming Zi spoke as if what he was saying was the greatest teaching in the world.

Lu Piao was contemplating Ming Zi's words as if they were words from a God, it was the first time Lu Piao was trying so hard to learn anything.

Hao Tian and Du Ze who was next to them can not help but make a face palm, 'Why did I stay with a bunch of crazy, and why is this idiot thinking so much this is not so difficult to understand.' they both thought at the same time.

Xiao Ning'er was holding back not to laugh, she was comfortable near these people, so she remembered something. "Oh, I made you breakfast." Ning'er spoke with a little red face.

"HAHAHAHA, I was starving." Ming Zi accepted the food quickly, he really had forgotten to eat today.

"MASTER, you must divide the thing with your disciple." Lu Piao spoke but he did not wait for Ming Zi's permission. His hand was going towards the food, but suddenly he felt a pain in his hand, that was a slap Ming Zi gave in his hand.

"Greed really makes people change, I already gave you my teachings but you still want my food, really humans have no limits to greed." Ming Zi spoke in a fair tone, but he is the most greedy of all Ming Zi would not share the food that Xiao Ning'er did to him with no one.

Nie Li was seeing all this interaction with a smile on her face, and Xiao Ning'er was glad Ming Zi had enjoyed the food she made.

"Nie Li let's take Xiao Ning'er too." Ming Zi said, he wanted Nie Li to give a cultivation technique to Xiao Ning'er as well.

" Sure, why not?" Nie Li was not too worried about it.

"We're going where?" Xiao Ning'er asked.

Who explained to Xiao Ning'er was Du Ze, Ming Zi was very concentrated enjoying the breakfast and preventing Lu Piao from stealing his food.

After finishing classes all rushed to the warehouse of Ming Zi, when they entered inside their chin almost fell.

The warehouse was full of weapons and brasses all over the place, had daggers, swords, spears, war axes and even armor.

"Dude, did you do all this?" Du Ze asked, he did not believe that a single person could make so many weapons.

The most surprised was Nie Li, he knew the value of these weapons could be worth a good price even in the draconic ruins.

"HAHAHAHA, look at my three years of hard work." Ming Zi spoke with a proud smile, he finished the middle level forge manual he knew how much his weapons worth.

But unfortunately he can only get the manual high level when he can manipulate energy from the law or celestial energy.


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