Breaking the Limits
18 Against the Heavens
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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18 Against the Heavens

After Nie Li and her group contemplated the forging of Ming Zi they sat down to take the shape and attribute tests of the soul.

Nie Li after assessing the shape of the soul and the attribute of the soul of all he gave them a cultivation technique, nothing happened differently in the original the only thing different were the two new members of the story the first of the two to do the test was Hao Tian.

Hao Tian began to inject soul force into the crystal of the soul, gradually the crystal became brighter several points of light began to sprout on the crystal until it stopped in 100 points of light.

"It's already a Rank 1 star Bronze !!!" Lu Piao was shocked, he did not expect Hao Tian to be so strong.

Nie Li was even more shocked. "It's a demonic flame attribute and a form of eternal hell" Nie Li said almost screaming, he had only seen these two features in books It is extremely rare for anyone to have these two characteristics, so rare that even with all the life experience of Nie Li he never saw one.

"I KNEW, you look like a saint, but you're actually a demon." Ming Zi shouted with a pointed finger at Hao Tian, ​​Ming Zi had his hands on the left side of his chest but the mocking smile on his face betrayed his whole performance.

Du Ze quickly slapped Ming Zi's head, already Lu Piao was rolling on the floor with so much laughter and Xiao Ning'er had his hands in his mouth trying to contain her laughter.

Hao Tian was not too happy with Ming Zi's jokes, he was almost getting up to slap his head but Du Ze did it for him and then he looked gratefully at Du Ze.

Nie Li, after recovering from the shock, smiled. "For their attribute and soul shape there are almost no cultivation techniques made for them, but fortunately I have one called the 'infinite fire technique of the demon king.' it's a pretty powerful technique, I'll pass the chants of the technique to you. "

Now it was Ming Zi's turn to take the test he injected into the crystal of the soul, the crystal of the soul immediately lit up but it was different from the others the points of light that appeared on the crystal of the soul of the others were of one color only in the crystal of Ming Zi all the colors of the rainbow were shining at the same time.

Nie Li seeing this scene turned pale, because he knows that there are only legends about this attribute and form of the soul.

The people in the group were shocked for another reason, this is because Ming Zi is a 2 Star Bronze Rank.

Nie Li after recovering from the shock he got a wry smile on his face, 'It really suits him, but unfortunately I do not have cultivation technique for him.'

"You have the perfect rainbow attribute, basically it was not to exist this attribute of the soul this because they go completely against the laws of heaven, the reason I do not know.Your soul form is the human God, basically also not it was to exist this form of the soul. "

"Some legends said that there was a human who went against all the laws of the heavens, so to prevent this human doing something against the heavens they placed restrictions on this human, but the human was discontented, since the human's dream was to be Free. It was not long before this incongruity turned to anger, then this human went to war against the heavens, the struggle between this human and the heavens lasted millions of years, some legends say that this fight completely destroyed the universe but the human still died in the end, so the heavens used the force of soul and body of this human to rebuild the universe, the legends also say that to punish mankind the demons and the spiritual beasts were created. " Nie Li told the story with a hint of sadness in his voice, he really felt sorry for this human he just wanted to be free but he turned into fertilizer to rebuild the universe.

Everyone was in a horrible mood, if these legends are true then the fate of Ming Zi will be to fight against the heavens.

But unlike everyone in the room Ming Zi had a wild smile on his face, uncontrollable pressure was being released from his body but what people felt was not fear but inspiration, he was radiating inspiration and confidence.

"HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA, What fun, so that means for me to realize my dream I have to defeat the Heavens, HAHAHAHA finally finally a great challenge appeared a reason to live finally appeared." Ming Zi spoke with a big smile on his face, he looked like a certain pirate king.

People were shocked by Ming Zi's reaction, even Nie Li would be scared if his enemy were the Heavens, but Ming Zi finds it fun and exciting to fight the Heavens.

Hao Tian was not surprised by the reaction of Ming Zi, Hao Tian may know this person for a short time but he knows that, Ming Zi is the kind that the bigger the challenge the more excited he gets.

Xiao Ning'er on the other hand was worried, she knows that probably this legend is a lie but she still worried, she does not know why she cares so much about Ming Zi, maybe it's the vibe he goes through, maybe it's because he's a unicque person, but she only knows one thing. 'I want to stay close to him as much as possible.'

"Then it's late you should go home and rest, Ah Hao Tian I want to give you a present so stay here." Ming Zi said.

"Hey, hey, why only Hao Tian gets presents?" Lu Piao spoke with a face that showed that he is being wronged.

"Hao Tian has entered the Rank Bronze 1 star then he deserves a gift, you also get a gift when you reach the Bronze Rank 1 star too." Ming Zi said, that left them excited mainly Lu Piao and Du Ze who were looking at the weapons since they arrived.

After everyone left but only Ming Zi and Hao Tian left in the warehouse, Ming Zi went up to a shelf and picked up four books from there.

"Take these, these are manuals of inscription, I have always seen how you look at the inscriptions on my weapons so I have taken these books from the family library, these books will teach you from the basics to the higher levels of inscription." Ming Zi spoke with a gentle smile on his face, he knew Hao Tian's hunger for knowledge so the best he could buy was these manuals with Merlin.

Hao Tian was thrilled inside, he only had one person who cared for him since he was born, this person was his grandfather but now he finally found someone else to share his feelings and trust unconditionally.

" Thank you brother." Hao Tian just said so, if he made a speech would be very useless, the word 'brother' alone already represents all the feelings of Hao Tian by Ming Zi.

"No need to thank, brothers never need to say thank you to each other." Ming Zi said.


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