Breaking the Limits
19 Feelings
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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19 Feelings

Ming Zi was sitting in meditative position inside the warehouse, he will finally begin cultivating the soul, the two cultivation techniques that God gave him are complementary, so for him to enter the next level of body culture technique he has to finish the first level of soul-cultivation technique.

The name of the technique is 'Technique of the Soul God', this technique is divided into four levels:

• Cleansing the soul.

• My soul is the law.

• The heavens bow over my presence.

• Everything dies but my soul is eternal.

In fact Ming Zi liked the technique combines very well with the kind of person he is.

He started the first level technique, he felt the soul force enter his soul realm, it would be normal for soul force to accumulate within the soul realm but this technique is different, this technique values ​​a strong base then in the it is extremely difficult to grow.

"My soul is clean and incorruptible.

My soul does not care how high Heaven is.

My soul is free from any influence or doubt.

My soul is FREE from impurities. "

As Ming Zi was singing the words of the technique, more soul force was sent to his soul kingdom, a black mist began to be driven from the soul of Ming Zi that were the impurities he had inside the soul.

This process lasted two weeks, he had no increase in the force but finally his soul was free of impurities, Ming Zi had now had a perfect base the future of Ming Zi is now unlimited.

During this time Nie Li went to the ruins with the group of Chen Linjian, Ming Zi also wanted to go but unfortunately he could not stop the process of soul purification.

Ming Zi decided to quit a little already two weeks ago that he did not leave his warehouse, he needs a quick shower.

After bathing on the way to the sacred orchid institute Ming Zi remembered one thing, an amused smile appeared on his face at that moment, 'ahhh, today will be a fun day' he thought.

Arriving at school he went straight to the apprentice fighting room, getting there he saw Nie Li's group but he did not even look at them Ming Zi's eyes were focused on a person's back, this person is Xiao Ning'er.

Ming Zi was getting closer and closer to her, until he was a few inches away from her ear so he whispered to Xiao Ning'er, "it's time." He just said that and left.

Nie Li's group and neither room understood what Ming Zi said, only Xiao Ning'er understood.

Xiao Ning'er left the room with a completely red face, she was nervous and anxious for the meeting she will have with Ming Zi.

In front of the school gate Xiao Ning'er saw Ming Zi standing waiting for her, she hurried and stood in front of him Xiao Ning'er did not know what to do she had never been to a meeting before so she did not know what to say .

Ming Zi also never went on a date, but he did not feel nervous it was like it was normal for him to do that sort of thing. 'My past self must have been a Casanova.' Ming Zi thought.

Ming Zi noticed the nervousness of Xiao Ning'er, in fact the whole behavior of Xiao Ning'er was shouting the word 'nervousness', seeing this he had a gentle smile on his face.

"Do not be nervous, I know I'm very handsome but it's not that bad." Ming Zi said trying to break the ice, which worked because Xiao Ning'er gave a slight laugh.

"So where are we going?" Xiao Ning'er asked.

Ming Zi took Xiao Ning'er to a lot of strange places by the city of glory, the city of glory is a very annoying place so these strange places are quite rare, difficult to find and very entertaining when one finds.

As time passed, Xiao Ning'er felt more comfortable near Ming Zi, she did not know much about the city of glory but the little she knows is completely different from Ming Zi's knowledge of the city of glory, she found it incredible to know these new places even they being strangers.

Ming Zi finally took Xiao Ning'er in the place he most liked in the city of glory, it was a beautiful meadow full of plants and flowers that was one of the properties of Ming Zi.

"This is the place I love the most in this city, let's play a joke." Ming Zi spoke with a bright smile on his face.

"Hmmmm, I do not know, it's getting late and I'm afraid you'll do something weird." Xiao Ning'er spoke playfully with Ming Zi.

"Look at this, as children grow up fast, when I met she was so shy, look now she's even trying to tease me." Ming Zi spoke with a proud expression, all his effort was not in vain he finally managed to take some of the shy atmosphere of Xiao Ning'er.

"Hihihi, and whose fault is that? You should take responsibility." Xiao Ning'er spoke still playing with Ming Zi.

Ming Zi smiled a little and sat on the floor, he looked at the flowers and the grass near him and then he lay down, Ming Zi had a serene smile on his face.

Xiao Ning'er seeing him so also lay on the grass, she found it very beautiful this place.

"Try to guess why I love this place so much." Ming Zi said, he is with closed eyes enjoying the wind that passed by him.

Xiao Ning'er thought for a bit, she was looking around the place but did not find anything so special in that place.

" I do not know." Xiao Ning'er spoke with curiosity in his voice.

"The clouds, I love this place because here is the best view to the clouds in the whole city of glory, I found this place is going to do more than five years but every time I come here this place remains as beautiful as the first time. " Ming Zi opened his eyes and looked up at the sky, the clouds were more beautiful today.

Xiao Ning'er also looked at the sky and really the view was incredible, she could understand why Ming Zi liked it so much here, that's also why she liked Ming Zi so much because if she asked anybody in the city of glory what it was their favorite place in town they could not tell.

Xiao Ning'er was in love with the simple and beautiful way that Ming Zi sees the world, he is not rushed trying to get stronger Ming Zi is enjoying all the way, he is enjoying the simple but beautiful side of the world.

"I always thought that I would never find anything more beautiful than the clouds, look at them the clouds are so free they just wander the world free of any problem, clouds do not care if someone is more powerful than them, the clouds just walk the world. " Ming Zi had a gorgeous smile on his face, Xiao Ning'er had never seen Ming Zi smile like that before whenever he smiled was a carefree smile, but that's a genuine and genuine smile of his.

"But to my surprise I found something more beautiful than the clouds." Ming Zi turned and faced Xiao Ning'er. "It was your smile the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, today for the first time since I met you I've seen you smile really, and I have to say it was really beautiful." Ming Zi placed her hands on Xiao Ning's cheeks and stroked her.

Xiao Ning'er is completely happy, it seems that her life had been completely gray until Ming Zi arrive, he put color into her life.

"I want to be the only person in the world that you share your feelings, your faults and your pain I want to be that person in your life." Surprising who said this was Xiao Ning'er, she was being selfish she wanted Ming Zi just for her, Xiao Ning'er did not want to share the feelings of Ming Zi with anyone else.

"You have my word that you will be the only woman in my life." Ming Zi said it close to Xiao Ning'er's face, he did not care if she was selfish because only she could ask him something like that.

Ming Zi came closer to Xiao Ning'er until finally he kissed her, at first it was a bit strange since the two never kissed before but soon they found a way, they did not know how long they were kissing but finally they stayed without air and separated.

Xiao Ning'er's face was red and Ming Zi had a big smile on his face.


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