Breaking the Limits
20 Separation
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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20 Separation

After that encounter Ming Zi and Xiao Ning'er started dating seriously, Xiao Ning'er was scared at first because her family had a wedding ring with the holy family.

Ming Zi realized this, so he told some of his secrets to Xiao Ning'er, such as the fact that he owns the 'herbal pharmacy' store and about the power of his cultivation techniques.

Xiao Ning'er was relieved to learn of the secrets of Ming Zi, only with the store he has Ming Zi can hit head-on with the sacred family so she did not have to worry about seeing Ming Zi get hurt because of her.

And so two months went by, the relationship between Ming Zi and Xiao Ning'er grew a lot, the two were no longer ashamed to expose their relationship to each other, so Ming Zi was always embracing Xiao Ning'er and Xiao Ning'er was always kissing Ming Zi.

Ming Zi also focused on cultivation, he is now in the gold rank 1 star his cultivation speed was insane, this is because both the body and the soul of Ming Zi are pure.

The day of the annual examination came, Ming Zi was sitting with Xiao Ning'er his arm is around her neck the two sure looked like a couple.

"You really are fast, but please you two could stop flirting in front of us?" Lu Piao spoke in a desperate tone, these two months they had to put up with Xiao Ning'er and Ming Zi flirting daily.

"HAHAHAHA, you guys who are very slow, I really wish I could stop hugging her but I can not do it too hard." Ming Zi is looking lovingly at Xiao Ning'er, Ning'er with a smile on his face gave a kiss on the cheek of Ming Zi.

Nie Li and her group seeing this fell to the ground, they could not stand the sweetness of this couple.

"I think I'm going to be diabetic, it's too sweet for me to handle." Hao Tian spoke, he was the one who suffered most from all of them because he had to see Ming Zi almost daily, Hao Tian moved to the Ming Zi warehouse to study the enrollment standards so he saw this couple every day.

Suddenly a group was walking towards Ming Zi, they were Shen Fei and his lackeys.

Shen Fei seeing Ming Zi hugging Xiao Ning'er he was completely furious. "Release my wife, you bastard, do you know who I am? Do you still dare make a move on my wife?" Shen Fei shouted in his lungs.

Ming Zi had a playful smile on his face, he approached Ning'er further into his arms Xiao Ning'er did not refuse, she was no longer afraid of the holy family in these two months she spent with Ming Zi she kind of picked up a little of his carefree personality, she also knew that he is the owner of the 'herbal pharmacy' one of the most influential powers currently in the city of glory.

"Ohhh, so is the young master Shen, I feel sorry for you young master Shen I had no choice, look at my beautiful Ning'er she is so perfect and good to me that I could not leave but I had to date with So I recommend young master Shen to look for another wife, you can not compete with me. " Ming Zi spoke with mockery in his voice, Nie Li is laughing close to him he always liked when the holy family lost face.

Shen Fei is speechless, he felt humiliated by this person he stole his wife and is still playing with his face, no one in the city of glory would have that courage.

"You're just a cockroach trying to face our holy family, who are you to have me choose another bride? And you Xiao Ning'er you're just a worthless whore, you ..." Shen Fei can not finish his phrase, suddenly an overwhelming pressure is glaring at him, Shen Fei can not even breathe because of this pressure.

Ming Zi took Xiao Ning'er from his arms, Ming Zi's smile changed to a scary smile he looked like a beast about to be released, Ming Zi is slowly walking up to Shen Fei every step of it breaks a brick in the annual examination arena.

Ming Zi had already released his entire crop, everyone in the arena was shocked that a 14-year-old had grown so high.

Ming Zi finally reached where Shen Fei's smile was even more scary, Shen Fei felt liquid leaking through his pants his face is completely pale.

"You know I never wanted to get involved with your holy family, I just do not care about you because to me you're just insects, so I let Nie Li play with you, but now everything has changed.the moment you cursed my beautiful Ning'er your sacred family has ended up in the city of glory, you must be thinking that I am speaking words in the wind but you will realize what I want to say soon. " Ming Zi punched Shen Fei's face, this punch had only ten percent of Ming Zi's full strength but this punch completely disfigured Shen Fei's face.

Nie Li had a big smile on his face, now he had a great ally to fight with the sacred family and the guild of darkness. Nie Li knows that Ming Zi is much more than he exposes, Ming Zi is not just a demonic spiritualist Rank 1 star gold.

After this commotion the annual examination began, everything happened as in the original and Ming Zi did not participate in the examination since he exposed the cultivation of him the examination was no longer necessary.

While the examination was taking place Ming Zi received a message from Merlin, Ming Zi had told Merlin to map the world of TDG to him, Ming Zi needed new challenges and the city of glory was no longer a challenge for a long time.

Ming Zi, Xiao Ning'er, Hao Tian and Nie Li were in front of the gate of the sacred orchid institute, after the annual examination the holidays start in the city of glory.

"I asked to speak to you because I have something important to say, I'm leaving the city of glory for a year." Ming Zi spoke with a small smile on his face.

Everyone was shocked, especially Xiao Ning'er she was not ready to receive this news.

"I left some gifts for you, first for you Nie Li. You want to destroy the sacred family and the guild of darkness, so I gave you the full power over my 'herbal pharmacy' store while I'm gone you can do whatever you want there. " Ming Zi spoke with a bright smile on the face, with the store of Ming Zi helping Nie Li the sacred family will be destroyed much easier.

Nie Li did not expect Ming Zi to own that store, since Nie Li reincarnated he always wanted to find out more about this mysterious shop and its owner even more mysterious, but only Yang Xin had seen the store owner and he was wearing a mask.

"Brother where I go unfortunately I can not take you would be very dangerous, so I left for you my forge learn everything in the books I gave you this will help you on your way." Ming Zi said, he wanted to bring Hao Tian but unfortunately it would be impossible to bring him.
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Hao Tian was feeling useless, he could not accompany his brother, all because he was weak. Hao Tian did not let these thoughts enter his heart, 'if I'm weak then I just have to stay strong, do not worry brother I'll be extremely strong.' Hao Tian thought, resolution is written on the face of Hao Tian.

Ming Zi seeing this smiles, he is happy that Hao Tian has accepted that he is weak but maintaining the resolve to stay strong, only with an unshakable heart can a person be a great cultivator.

Finally Ming Zi looked at Xiao Ning'er, Nie Li and Hao Tian understood the situation and left the two alone.

Xiao Ning'er was very sad, she had tears forming in her eyes. Ning'er did not want to let Ming Zi go but she knows that if she does she will be taking away her dream, the dream of being free.

"My beautiful Xiao Ning'er, I will come back to you, I promise, so stay strong, never let yourself be intimidated. You are my future wife who would dare to intimidate you? I made you a present." Ming Zi approached Xiao Ning'er and hugged her, Ming Zi did not want to leave Xiao Ning'er he wanted to be near her forever but unfortunately he has to leave.

After finishing the hug Xiao Ning'er noticed something on her neck, it was a necklace made of gold with a raven-shaped diamond as a pendant.

"This necklace has two functions, the first is to defend you if you feel danger send a little soul force into the pendant. The second is to find me, the further I am from you the more the pendant will be dark." Ming Zi spoke with a smile.

Xiao Ning'er was holding the pendant as if it were the most important thing in the world. "If you do not come back in a year I'll kill you." Xiao Ning'er spoke with a murderous intent that made the temperature of the place lower.

Ming Zi was afraid of the expression of Xiao Ning'er, he could only smile ironically when Xiao Ning'er wants until he can be a little scared.


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