Breaking the Limits
21 Endless deser
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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21 Endless deser

POV Ming Zi

"Ahhhhhh, I must have been truly a masochist in my past life." I am at the beginning of the endless desert, one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Now you must be wondering why this idiot is there if he's just a 1-star gold rank, so I'm really questioning my mental health.

I'm in this desert wearing only a pair of slacks, my waist is stuck in a katana but this katana is special, it weighs over 3000 kg. I finally decided to start my swordmanship training.

But this is not the craziest thing I'm going to do in this desert, I've decided to walk all over this desert blindfolded, I'm just going to use Haki's observation to track me down and fight in that desert.

"Ahhhhhh, I hope these masochistic tendencies do not manifest when I'm having sex, it's going to be really annoying."


Ming Zi was walking through the desert, it was twelve hours ago he has not suffered any attacks of spiritual beasts but the Haki of his observation does not stop shouting that he is in danger.

Since Ming Zi has entered the endless wilderness the Haki of observation is warning him that he is in danger, it is as if Ming Zi is being watched and he knows there is a spiritual beast hunting him.

Ming Zi did not get nervous he was already expecting something like this, he kept walking until he finally got tired.

Ming Zi decided to sleep where he was, the cold of the endless desert at night was almost unbearable, he lay on the soft sands of the desert and tried to sleep.

The more he tried to sleep the more the Haki of the remark shouted that he was in danger, until at last the beast decided to attack. It was a scorpion with all black body and red eyes, the scorpion did not slow down and attacked Ming Zi with his tail.

Ming Zi turned away from the attack rolling his body to the left, he had already drawn the sword from the scabbard. Ming Zi got up quickly but as he stood up the Haki from the notice warned of another danger on his back.

This time it was a giant worm, each tooth of the worm was the size of Ming Zi that worm opened its mouth to try to swallow Ming Zi, but Ming Zi used haki of the weaponry to hold the teeth of the beast and prevent her from eating it.

But it did not take long for Ming Zi to feel a blow landed on his abdomen, he did not have time to react so he can only put haki from the weaponry at the spot where the blow caught.

That blow was from the scorpion, Ming Zi was sent flying twenty feet away and two ribs of his broke. "Ahhhhhh, I really have horrible luck, why did they have to be two beasts? And those beasts are in the black gold rank, this is going to suck." Ming Zi spoke up.

Ming Zi again withdrew the sword, he still did not even have time to test the sword but now he can. Ming Zi focused his observation haki only on the two beasts, the scorpion was coming at him with all speed and the worm hid to make another sneak attack.

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The scorpion threw his tail towards the heart of Ming Zi but he already foresaw this attack, so Ming Zi turned the body right causing life to pass close to his body as soon as the tail passed he sent a vertical attack with the sword this attack created a deep wound on the scorpion's tail.

"ARGGGGGGG" The scorpion roared in agony, but Ming Zi was not inattentive as soon as he cut the scorpion the worm jumped toward him, but Ming Zi was already prepared for this kind of attack so he swung his sword with all the strength he it was in the direction of the worm.

The weight of the sword along with the natural force of Ming Zi caused the earthworm's body to be divided in half, the scorpion in a desperate attempt sent another attack with the tail but Ming Zi already prior the attack with the observation Haki then he turned away from the scorpion's attack and struck a sword blow on the scorpion's head.

The days in the endless desert only worsened, he had to daily face black gold rank beasts and sometimes Ming Zi had to run away.

Ming Zi could not go into deep sleep, he was always alert and to escape the legendary level beasts he had to develop a technique of movement this technique was the technique of movement of Shisui Uchiha, the Shunshin.

The Shunshin is a high speed movement technique, allowing it to move from a short to a long distance at a speed almost undetectable. It is performed using chakra to vitalize the body temporarily and move at extreme speeds, but Ming Zi replaced by soul force.

Ming Zi during this time in the endless desert only used the sword as an attack, this made his swordmanship improve a bit but Ming Zi knew the unlimited potential of swordmanship.

For Ming Zi swordmanship has five levels, unfortunately Ming Zi is still at the first level, the beginner level at that level he uses the sword only as a weapon to kill, at that level he does not have to understand the greatness of swordmanship.


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