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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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22 Cave

"I really am unlucky, Ming Zi why do you have to be so adventurous? You could be at home lying with your girlfriend but you had to go to the shit out of a desert, you son of a bitch." Ming Zi is talking to himself, he seems a different person now, his hair is messy, he has a beard to be done and his whole body is tanned.

In front of Ming Zi are fifty spiritual beasts, but Ming Zi was not afraid in fact he has a wild smile on his face, his whole body is releasing a domineering aura, this is the king Haki awakening.

Ming Zi grabbed his sword and used the Shunshin to appear among the beasts, he swung his sword at the nearest beast as he shook his head to ward off another beast's attack.

The beast that received the sword attack died, but the attacks did not stop Ming Zi used his arm to block an attack from another beast, his whole arm was coated with Haki's armament Ming Zi used this opportunity and swung the sword vertically in the direction of the beast, cutting off her head.

Ming Zi continued the attacks, he used the Shunshin to approach and flee the beasts and attack with the sword. This way of fighting proved to be quite effective, because Ming Zi received only a few broken bones but killed all the spiritual beasts.

When Ming Zi finished killing all the beasts was already night, then he used the observation Haki to find a place to sleep after finding the place Ming Zi sat in meditative position.

Ming Zi is cultivating the second level of body culture technique, 'bone refining', at this level begins the torture that is to cultivate this technique he had to use the soul force to break the bones of his body at the same time as the technique healed the bones.

"Arhhhhhhgg, SON OF THE BITCH, YOUR MOTHER IS MY, I WILL EAT YOUR ORGANS WHILE YOU ASSIST." Ming Zi is screaming at the top of his lungs, he's fucking the God who gave this technique to him.

Ming Zi was using all his willpower to stay awake, veins could be seen sticking out of his body, the bones were roaring audibly and Ming Zi's cries increased as more bones broke.

To complete this level he should break the bones of the whole body 30,000 times, but as the bones healed stronger he would stay at the end of the night he can only break 100 times the bones of the whole body. To recover from that night Ming Zi needed to sleep for days, he is lucky that he chose a good place to hide.

After waking up from the 'sleep of beauty' Ming Zi continued the training, he kept walking towards his destination during that time more spiritual beasts appeared but he did not call.

After that night cultivating body technique the body strength of Ming Zi had a great increase, now he had the same strength as a specialist in the peak of the black gold rank so normal beasts were no longer challenge for Ming Zi.

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Ming Zi located a great wave of soul force with the Haki of his remark, this level of soul force can only be exerted by a lot of beasts Rank legend, Ming Zi wasted no time and rushed to the spot he was sure good things were waiting for him.

Arriving there he saw an incredible scene, 100 spiritual beasts Rank legend fighting with each other he tried to understand what the hell is going on, until he notices a cave in the middle of the horde of beasts he used the observation Haki to try to see what he had into the cave to make so many beasts fight.

What he saw was amazing, in the cave he felt an abundance of energy but it was not soul force that energy seemed much more powerful and rich than the soul force Ming Zi had only two assumptions, or was energy of the laws or celestial energy.

Ming Zi took the blindfold off, this is going to be a tough fight so he will fight with one hundred percent of his power, Ming Zi used the Shunshin and appeared on the back of a giant monkey, he swung his sword towards the nape of the monkey but the monkey felt the danger and deflected the attack before Ming Zi could attack again he saw a lizard wagging its tail towards him, Ming Zi used the Shunshin and deflected the attack.

The fight got tighter as time passed, Ming Zi had several broken bones and blood skirt from various parts of his body but he still keeps a mad smile on his face, he swerved from an attack that came towards his head Ming Zi against attacked by swinging the sword horizontally cutting the head of the wolf that attacked him.

As Ming Zi killed the spiritual beasts more he felt that he is using the sword in the wrong way, Ming Zi realized that he is using the sword only as a killing tool but he began to understand that the sword is more than that, 'I I am one with the sword 'was what Ming Zi realized.

When Ming Zi realized this was as if the world had changed for him, it was as if before he saw only gray and now he can finally see all the colors.

Ming Zi began to feel a new energy around him, this energy is closely linked to the understanding he acquired from the sword but unfortunately he can not control this energy, Ming Zi did not have much time to think because a snake attack came in the direction him, Ming Zi did not even deviate from the attack he simply swung his sword toward the snake by cutting it into two pieces.


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