Breaking the Limits
23 Skeleton
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Breaking the Limits
Author :MartinalME
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23 Skeleton

It seemed that the fight has become easier for Ming Zi, he is completely immersed in this new world he discovered when he understood the sword.

In the end just left Ming Zi and the dead bodies of 100 spiritual beasts, Ming Zi first sold all bodies to Merlin that yielded him a lot of Merlin's coins.

After that he walked towards the cave, when he got there he saw a great staircase that seemed to have no end. Ming Zi went down the stairs, during the descent the energy he felt inside the cave was getting more intense and more robust until finally the stairs are over.

In front of Ming Zi is a completely different ecosystem of the desert above it, on one side of the landscape there is a huge mountain with lava coming out from inside it, on the other side of the landscape is a river with crystal clear water this river is so beautiful that up Ming Zi stopped to contemplate his beauty and in the middle of it all is a forest with huge trees.

Ming Zi walked toward the forest, he felt something inside her with Haki's remark. As he walked into the forest the energy he felt became more powerful, until he felt a little choked with this energy but he kept walking until he reached the middle of the forest.

In the middle of the forest had a small house, the house is completely made of wood Ming Zi came close to the house and knocked on the door. "Hello there's someone home, I came in peace." Ming Zi said, he is a little nervous but who would not be, there is a super strange house in the middle of a super strange forest, if that does not make someone nervous then this person must have a lot of confidence or must be a complete idiot. No one answered Ming Zi but the door opened out of nowhere, so Ming Zi entered the house.

The interior of the house is very minimalist, inside it only has a small room with a sofa and sitting on this sofa is a scary body of a skeleton. "Nothing to be afraid Ming Zi is just a scary skeleton in the middle of nowhere, the worst that can happen is that skull kill me nothing special." Ming Zi spoke to himself but his face told a different story, he is sweating from head to toe and his face is completely pale, his pale face would envy any vampire who saw him now.

Suddenly the skull's eyes glowed with intense green fire, this almost gave Ming Zi a heart attack. "Ohhh, how interesting a human who managed to unlock the law of the sword, really after so long I found someone interesting." The skeleton spoke in a cheerful voice.

Ming Zi recovered from the initial shock, he remembered that he lived in a world where people could destroy mountains with the shaking of a hand so why a skeleton can not speak?

Ming Zi sat in a chair next to the skeleton, "interesting really interesting, a skeleton that can speak and have fire in the eyes I really get more and more amazed by this world." Ming Zi spoke with a resplendent smile on his face, the main reason for him to leave on this trip was not to seek strength Ming Zi wanted to pursue adventures and unforgettable experiences, so a skeleton that really speaks is an unforgettable experience.

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The skeleton was amazed at this human too, this human is different from the others he met he does not feel fear of the unknown in fact this human seems to love the unknown.

"Human you are very intriguing, come on such a drink some alcohol with that old skeleton." The skeleton spoke, he did not wait for Ming Zi's answer and got up to go in the kitchen when he came back he was carrying a bottle of wine and two bowls in his hands.

"Ohhhh, I like you skeleton lord, let's party this meeting, hahahhahah." Ming Zi smiled as the skeleton filled his cup, he tasted the contents and really had a good taste he also saw the skeleton drinking his glass for anyone this scene would be strange but for Ming Zi, "hahahahaha, cool wine does not leaked from you, man you gotta teach me to be a skeleton like that. " Ming Zi spoke without thinking much of what he said.

The skeleton stared at Ming Zi for some time, he could not believe what he heard now but after recovering from the shock he began to laugh wildly. "HiHIHIHIHIHIH, HUMAN YOU ARE VERY FUNNY, LET'S DRINK MORE, HIHIHIHIH."

The two continued drinking for some time, they also shared many stories Ming Zi talked about his life in the city of glory and about Xiao Ning'er his great love, if there is one thing Ming Zi miss is Xiao Ning'er all in the nights he slept thinking about her.

"You still have a long way to go for the human front, you still have plenty of time to love your girlfriend and you still have a lot of time to venture, I unfortunately do not have that much time a few million years ago that sealed me inside this cave and finally mine life is coming to an end. " The skeleton spoke with a mixture of happiness and sadness.

"I've always thought that death is the beginning of a new adventure, that's why I'm free of the fear of death so I do not feel bad seeing you have little time to live, in fact I hope your next adventure is made of happiness and emotion. " Ming Zi spoke with a small smile on his face, this is one of Ming Zi's life philosophies 'death is the beginning of a new adventure'.

"HiHIHIHIHIHIH, I really like you human, you're different from all the humans I've met before, actually I think you're unique so this old man wants to make a last request for you before he dies." The skeleton spoke with a smile on his face, which is rather strange considering that he is a skeleton.

"Speak, if I can help I will."

The skeleton took the last sip of the glass of wine and said, "I do not want my legacy to die with me, I believe that people only die when they are forgotten so I ask that you inherit my legacy and make the whole world remember always from me, Feng Zaotian the God of laws. " He spoke in a powerful voice.

"HAHAHAHA, do not worry old man I'll make the universe remember your name until the Heavens will tremble when they hear that Feng Zaotian's heir is coming." Ming Zi spoke with extreme conviction and confidence, even if he spent little time with Feng Zaotian Ming Zi liked the company of this person, in fact he saw Feng Zaotian as a friend.


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